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Looking for a couple of old ones

I'm looking for a couple of old presets. I believe that these would have been made or released prior to the end of 2004, if that helps. I'm pretty sure they were AVS presets, although I suppose there is a slim chance they could have been part of another engine - I seem to remember them in the AVS list, though.

I've looked through the lists, but I didn't see anything, which leads me to think they were part of a pack.

The first was a wire-frame spaceship that flew through a field of lightning bolts that went from the floor to the ceiling. The entire animation moved with the music, as did the ship and the bolts.

The second was an animation that gave the effect of moving through a field of square passages - the animation would enter a large square area with smaller, square passages branching off in every direction. One would be chosen, the animation would go down it, and enter another square, and so on...

I could have swore up and down I had these archived somewhere, but checking my backup disk didn't reveal anything other than the normal stuff Winamp used to get installed with.

Any ideas, please? I'd like to find these, as they were some of the coolest presets I had.

Many thanks!
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The first one is UnConeD's Speeder 3K and the other one is Zero-G Maze II - both from his fifth pack click here

Don't miss the other stuff in there, too

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you are more likely to find them at his website

direct link to the 5th pack:
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i remember...

PAK-9's Fabric 3 (that was very very cool) and AVS Blox

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Thank you gentlemen. That is exactly what I'm looking for, I'm not sure why it wasn't in my backups.

It is now!
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Originally posted by InCUbuS-94
i remember...
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