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I'm updating an old skin of mine and have a few questions.

I'm updating an old skin of mine (Studiosus) and have a few questions. Question number 1 is by far the most important one.
  1. Is there a way to use WasabiXML version 1.3 and still have the buttons in the media library consist of the wasabi.button.top.left, -.top, -.top.right and so on, instead of using one image each whole button? See attachment for an example.
    I'm currently using version 1.2 and the buttons in the media library now look really good, because using all the different images to make one button make it possible to assign different parts of buttons to different gammagroups. However, using version 1.2 triggers the use of the FreeType TrueType renderer, which makes TrueType fonts look ugly. I know I can switch that renderer off, but I would prefer it if my skin defaults to good looking fonts when users install it. That's the reason why I would like to 'upgrade' to version 1.3.
  2. I know it's possible to let Winamp 'draw' layers by itself, via the file="$solid", "$gradient" or "$polygon" way. Furthermore, one can use <rect/> objects. Is there perhaps also a way to let Winamp draw a circle?
  3. What's the proper way in MAKI scripts of letting the computer know to do nothing or does no reason for this exist? For example, now I often use only an 'if' without an 'else'. In such a case should there ideally also be an 'else' saying the computer to do nothing? I've seen this done in a script somewhere by 'else{complete;}'.
  4. What protocols can streams use? I now have my notifier set up so that it does not show when the filename begins with http://, but aren't there also things like mms:// and others? I never use streams so I have no clue about this, but I do know that it sucks when the notifier pops up everytime the stream is buffering.
  5. Is the skin database of winamp.com still a mess or does updating your skin actually work?
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@1 - Don't think so ... Maybe try version 1.21, 1.29... maybe you're lucky?

@2 - Not just a xml object but you could probably draw a circle by using maki and creating new pixels (aka small rect objects) and positioning them in a circle by some maths function. Probably not worth it though hehe

@3 - If there is nothing less to do it just wont do anything anymore. The complete; command is use if you want dont want anymore winamp generated events for the current ui interaction (like right-click and you want to show your own menu and not trigger winamp's main menu). I'm sure theres a better explanation somewhere though.

@4 - Check out the code for Bento's info viewer... have most if not all of the possible stuff in there.

@5 - Actually works last time I checked (+- year ago)... after years of pain

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Thank you for your reply!
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