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Preferences from Hell

I'm going crazy!!

Quiz: How many Ctrl-P's does it take to burn a cd with dsp processing? See this thread for the answer...

Preferences from Hell

Solution: A slick little toolbar with dropdown lists for selecting/editing preferences for input, output, dsp, visualization plugins would be priceless. Having that info right in-your-face would make reconfiguration a snap. Better yet... how about adding preset capability for saving custom io/dsp/vis configurations.

TazDevil enlightened me with his Multiple Output Plugin which makes this process significantly cleaner, but I'm greedy. I want the whole enchilada.

I'd write the damn thing myself but I just don't have the time right now. Thought maybe one of you briliiant SW guys would already have done this or be intrigued enough to take it on.

Much Obliged.
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Hi maynarkkrebs. Just got back from your post in Winamp Discussion, and I must say you sure got a point. There is a tremendous amount of clicking and pressing keys to get such a simple task done. Winamp isn't actually a sound processing/editing program so you better use some dedicated software for what you are doing. Sure Winamp got lot of features from such programs available via plug-ins, but that is my point. It is plug-ins. And not something built into Winamp. The CD Burning system of Winamp is a funny story by itself.

What I'm missing is a clean way for us programmers to tell Winamp which output plug-in to use and what DSP plug-in to use. Currently Winamp only provides us with info about which output plug-in is selected (so input plug-ins can check this and block output if they don't want to allow a disk writer plug-in).
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