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2 questions on setting up shoutcast

Ok so I am using the new version of the shoutcast server and I have two questions. First, when I try to listen to my stream, (click on listen on the homepage, and i downloaded the .pls file) in winamp, it says

[HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND]

so im not sure why this isn't working because everything else is working fine.

Secondly, how do i change what my destIP and srcIP are so when im ready to go public, i can? thanks a bunch
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the 404 error usually appears if there is no source connected or you've set it to be public but the connection attempt to the YP failed - that can be checked by looking at the stream admin summary to see what the stream status message shows.

how do i change what my destIP and srcIP are so when im ready to go public
in most cases you shouldn't need to alter those values, but if you do then just edit the config file and restart the DNAS as needed.

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It is set to public and the connection to the yp did fail, is this because im broadcasting to my local address, how do i fix this.
Secondly, how would I broadcast publicly if it automatically streams to my local address and there is no way to fix it?
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there is a way to fix it . you can change it to point to the IP address of the computer not which is local host (not connectible from the internet)... but most likely its a issue with your port forwarding.

secondly you need to configure your router and firewall (Windows etc.) to allow TCP port 6969 and 6970 (based on your setup), forward to the real IP address (internal).
from command line type ipconfig (windows) ifconfig on linux and osx it will show your internal ip address

for internet listeners they would connect to the OUTSIDE public address (fyi meaning you cant , you use the internal , we use the external/internet address ). If you are unsure what your external IP address it you can find it by going to http://whatismyip.com

does that help ?

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