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Help setting up a complex shoutcast scenario

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup the following scenario (I don't know if it's possible)

- Stream a "shuffled" playlist from a server on the Internet.
- From time to time, mix a voice (live captured) stream from home.

The ideia is simple, have shoutcast broadcasting a playlist from a dedicated server but allow the possibility of streaming from home and talk to the audience.

So, I gathered that I require some sort of mixer to combine both the random playlists and the voice stream from home.

It'd also be great to be able to remotely control the mixer so that i could (in some way) fadeout the playlist and fade-in the voice stream from home (through the network)

Now, I'm quite at loss with the necessary tools. I can find tools to make some of these things happen but I'm quite unsure on what's the best setup.

Adittionaly, the live broadcast would be done from OSX and the shoutcast server runs windows (altough a linux hosting can be considered)

Can you help?

Many thanks!
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not complex at all. this is how sc_trans2 and shoutcast (server) lets your work.

however live from HOME would NOT be mixed with the music on the server shoutcast is a transcoder and server not an audio mixing solution.

so what you could do is setup the server to have sc_serv (server portion) and sc_trans (the DJ/bot/transcoder, playing files that are stored on the server itself).

you at home as a DJ have your own music and when its your time to go on air you run winamp with the DSP plugin, playing your music and click push to talk inside the DSP and viola voice over the music you are playing. when you want music only you release the push to talk and winamp plays untill you stop. when you close winamp or tell the DSP to disconnect sc_trans takes over within a few seconds and resumes playing its local play list

again shoutcast isnt a mixer its a streaming system. the fades in and out could be done with some creativity on your part when you go into DJ mode from home

sine you are on a mac winamp isnt an option nor is the DSP plugin. however nicecast runs on OSx which works with shoutcast that would be your DJ or live side.

if you really require mixing and fading and much more beyond a free solution like shoutcast you would need to have more than one computer , dedicated audio hardware that is compatible with internet streaming and so forth but in all honestly you can achieve very close results with the free shoutcating tools available.

several of the streams I support have 24 hour a day music and news playing from the server and remote DJ's throughout the world that login and do their shows, when they are done sc_trans just resumes where it left off. I went as far as running a IRC bot and some scrpiting on the shoutcast host server (linux) that lets a DJ load a local playlist or file, or tells the sc_trans to fade the current song when its it there time for their show. Again not really that complex if you understand how shoutcast works and what it can really do for free.

cheers, hope that helps.

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