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A Great Idea!!!!

The idea is the following:

Make an option in winamp to make it click transperant.
This option should of course be supported in the global hotkeys!

By saying click transperant i mean that it should be made that when you click it, it is not clicked but what is behind it is clicked

This will make the Opacity option of the winamp windows usefull because otherwise it is quite useless.
Meaning, it will allow you to see all the information in winamp but it won't take you the desktop space.

This is possible because it is implemented in the genious Toaster plugin (called click passthrough). Check it with the plugin and see how usefull it is

And if i'm already here, some other ideas:

- make it possible to export the media library to a file. because you know, sometimes the pc needs to be formatted and spending long time for finding the db files is not too good and definitly ppl who are not good at computers won't find it.

- add for global hotkey the option "View file info"

- something i saw but need the feel to write too:
Add the option of filtering or not the "The" word in ML.
It makes serious trouble for me because i have an album by Beatles called "One", and an album by Holymen called "The One" (and the second is hard trance so they definitly don't fit together).But the ML puts them together in album view under the name "One"

Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaase add the click passthrough idea
It will help lots of lots of people.
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Re: A Great Idea!!!!

Originally posted by me1903
- add for global hotkey the option "View file info"
try this

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