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"Smart" Album Art Update?

In short, updating Album Art is a little irritating and I wanted to know if it could be more simple (for the users, probably not for Abu's programming life ).

Irritating part:
Lets say you added or changed Album Art to a song/directory. You also already have these songs on your iPod. In order to update the album art, you must connect the iPod and find the songs in the iPod pane for Winamp and click update album art. Than the album art for the songs is updated. But if you added new album art to a bunch of unrelated random songs, it is troublesome to find each and every one and do the update album art.

The "Update ALL album art" option takes WAY too long as it Re-does ALL the album art on the iPod....frankly, its kind of redundant to replace one song's album art with the exact same album art picture.

To Be made more simple:
Can ml_ipod have a different "Update Album Art" option. Once clicked, ml_ipod checks to see if any Album Art changes are made to any files/directories. If it finds anything changed, it only updates those files. This would create a "Smart" Album Art Updater....it knows wtf was changed so it doesn't have to just update EVERYTHING if you don't know.
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