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Main Window and Playlist Editor in the Media Library

I wish..

An enhanced Media Library with the Playlist Editor/Main Window embedded in it.

Let's start with the little things. When you play a song or a playlist in the library it's loaded into the Playlist
Editor. The thing that disturbs me is that the song nor the playlist is highlighted (different color) if it's active.

Example: You have a ton of playlists. You start one playlist. You are looking trough your other playlists and at a point you think.. hey which playlist/song is playing actually? Little dilemma there. because the active playlist/song isn't highlighted. Ye you can look in the Playlist Editor and Main window but it would be a lot easier
if this was in the Media Library. You can also look in Now Playing for the active song but you have to wait because
Winamp is receiving internet data for the song and artist.

So the necessary enhancements:
- Highlight active song and playlist.
- Just make the Playlist Editor a leaf of the Now Playing tree or a standalone in the tree of the Media Library. In
other words deleting the Playlist Editor.
- Make the Main Window a part of the Media Library not a seperate window.

It would be the best to make modes so that everybody still is satisfied. Like: 1st mode = Winamp is like now, with
Media Library, Main Window and Playlist Editor. 2nd Mode = Media Library with the Main window and PLaylist Editor
being a part of the Media Library.

A lot of people still use WMP because WMP has it like this. If these enhancements are done a lot people will start
using winamp.
Also it saves some RAM and CPU.

I came up with these improvements due the best skin around SingleGUI-10008. The skin puts all the possible windows
into one window. So I would like to thank the author of that skin for the enlightment .
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hear, hear! This is much the way Amarok works, and it suits my needs much better then current situation with winamp.

To tell the truth: I would actually use Windows Media Player if it wasn't for it's lack of support for mp4-audio. i'd just wish the winamp-guys would at least take a look at WMP's library functions.
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Well, I'm happy that someone replied to this and agress with my suggestions for WinAmp.
More replies people
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This is basically what the playlist sidecar in Winamp3 did. It's been asked for many, many times. But I agree, that was THE one feature, that made me use Winamp3. There was a thread in Winamp discussion about it called extended playlist. I believe a plugin is in development but patience is a virtue.
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that plugin is no longer in development since it was in the end proved that it wasn't possible to externally implement it as a plugin. there's been talk from the devs of implementing it natively though it could end up as a modern skin only feature but no one really knows, was just speculative talking.

really SUI based skins are generally the best that's currently viable but who knows what will happen in the future...

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