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Thank you!

I hadn't heard about the 5.8 download being up. I've been reinstalling the initial 5 release for a very long time now since I had the file saved.

I'm really grateful for it being saved and back online whether a new version happens or not. That said, having it on Android would be great. For PC features, it's solid as hell. I wouldn't be installing it a decade later if it wasn't. Streaming services are everywhere because everyone wants everything to be a service you pay for eternally instead of an item you pay for once. I don't want another app to upload everything to paid storage somewhere, it's pathetic that an app that automatically syncs with a drive on your own network is pretty much an unknown, and every recent music player is pretty much shit.

A great local streaming option on your in home network doesn't count against data caps and no one's renting you the storage space, and people using a great *player* aren't using a great streamer with tons of options to charge for.

Even when it was crashing like mad and turning on visuals would make my first computer bleed Winamp was better. I can't think of another anything that lets you take it's pieces apart and put them where you want them, or even that simply lets you pick and choose to see pretty much everything it can do at once, or to tuck it out of the way in whichever of around a dozen ways you'd like. That taskbar one was tricky to figure out when I triggered it on accident. If I had to name what I'd love to see in an Android version of Winamp, it's just Winamp. Being able to pick what we want and where we want it and who it's coming from The opposite isn't generally a great time.
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