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i've got a problem at deviantart and i need your help it seems that when they had their sever crash a while ago most of the avs presets that were there were lost and nobody's done anything about it i've sent a lot of people requests to reload their avs presets but noting's happend could those people involved in avs that lost thier avs presets due to the sever crash PLEASE do something about it

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If they wanted to, they would have done it already, don't you think?

Most of the people who created stuff before the crash have quit.
(read: don't care anymore/ don't even have their presets anymore)
The ones who're still around have their stuff online.

Also, you'd better list the missing ones. I never downoad my own stuff and I'm pretty sure noone does frequently do that.

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Tried to google for some packs?

Some sites (other than winamp&deviantart) host avs packs even if they don't ask the author permission for it. Like i could find my 1st pack on a russian site a long time after i took it down from winamp-com

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if you search for your packs on google, it will return at least 2-3 results with packs.
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