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Old 3rd October 2011, 07:51   #41
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Don't know if it will help but the same happened to me and connecting my ipod to winamp again didn't help so I transferred a couple of files from Winamp which obviously caused it to write a new database and after ejecting it was fine again.

Cheers, Liam.
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Old 22nd November 2011, 00:53   #42
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Same issue. Every time I connect my iPod (20GB) to my computer with WinAmp open, it immediately munges the iTunesDB file. I can use the .old file to get back to where I was, but I can not add any new songs or playlists to my iPod.

Any new fixes on this?

Also, where do you get to ipod tools to do a complete database repair? Not seeing it in WinAmp or on my iPod.
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Old 27th June 2013, 17:31   #43
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Originally Posted by spaids View Post
I have this problem and this is how I fix it. When Winamp is able to access all the songs on my ipod but the ipod by its self thinks is blank, I go to preferences, portables, advanced and then tell it to scan my device for gapless play back. After the scan my itunesdb seems to be repaired. I hope this trick really works and I'm not just lucky.
I joined this forum just to be able to post on this thread.

I had the same problem with an iPod classic. I normally use iTunes, but decided to try what opening my ipod in Winamp would be like. After I had doodled around in Winamp and disconnected my iPod, all songs had ''vanished'' from the iPod. (I suspect the problem arose when I connected my iPod and iTunes automatically opened up while Winamp was open. iTunes said it could no longer recognize my iPod)

I followed the fix by spaids and it worked fine.

I guess the lesson is to never have iTunes and Winamp open at the same time. (which means making sure to disable ''automatically open itunes when ipod is connected'' option)

Thanks for the fix guys, I thought my music was all GONE!!
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Old 7th April 2017, 03:03   #44
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It depends on how you delete files from your iPod . if you deleted song with factorey reset or manually deleted , in fact , the deleted sony are not complete deleted from iPod in there way ,
They can only delete files from the iPod surface, but these data are still stored in the iPod
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