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Preset movement math

I have usually found that when using a preset movement, it doesn't quite move fast enough, rotate enough at a certain distance, or something that doesn't quite make it useful for what I need; even though it was quite close. Unfortunately, it does not tell you the math/equations that are the presets. If those were known

Some movements are easy enough to figure out the equations (such as shift rotate left), but others (like blocky partial out) elude me. I assume other AVS creators have similar problems, so I thought a topic for reverse-engineering these movement could help everyone.

Some that I have "decoded":

big swirl out:

medium swirl:

(I find that this works better than the preset, because ther preset has an up-and-left movement, in addition to the sunbursting)

swirling around both ways at once:
(four times more than medium swirl, with a bit of an offset)

bubbling ******ds:
(same thing as with sunburster, but the movement of the center did not look good without the r movement)

5 pointed distro:
(it's a good likeness, but it's not as exact as I'd like)

I think blocky partial out can be done using rect coordinates... Slight fuzzify looks like it could be done like the swirl to center preset, except that the swirls are only a few pixels wide, rather than a third of the screen.

Hope that helped...
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