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Can sc_trans execute shell command?

I am starting a station using sc_trans. I really like the program for two obvious reasons:
1. Made by Shoutcast so I know its 100% compatible
2. Crossfade feature not found in other command-line streamers

My one issue however is that I do not plan on using sc_trans playlist feature. I need sc_trans to execute a shell command either before or after every song it plays. The only way I can figure out how to do this is to have a shell script monitor sc_trans.log for activity and act accordingly, obviously this isn't the best solution though. My question is, is there a way sc_trans can execute a shell command.

To give an example of what i'm doing. Let's say I have play.list with two lines... one line is '/home/wbat/music/1.mp3' and second line is '/home/wbat/music/2.mp3' These files are static and the location never changes. However my shell scripts will copy various songs/sweepers/etc. onto either 1.mp3 or 2.mp3. Thus, I have powerful control of the playlist outside of sc_trans. The only issue is how to have sc_trans call a shell script/command?


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Just to give you an idea, below is the current php shell script I have to run. It stays in a loop and waits for the log to change regarding any "DECODE" of a new mp3 file.

PS- Feel free to use this script if you want.


#!/usr/local/bin/php -q

$n = 1;
$current_entry = "Current";
$last_entry = "Last";

while ($n = 1) {
$last_entry = `cat sc_trans.log | grep DECODE | tail -n 1`;
if ($last_entry == $current_entry) {
} else {
$current_entry = $last_entry;


Although this works, I would idealy want a "built-in" feature for sc_trans. The one main disadvantage to my above script is sc_trans doesn't wait for the script to be done before it moves on. This of course isn't a problem for most mp3 files since they are at least 30 seconds.
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you wouldn't want sc trans waiting on things, trust me that would be a bad thing.

If all you need is something dynamic then just setup a cron job to rewrite a full playlist daily or hourly.
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