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Winamp C#

I am developing a program that will be a media player with ipod type controls for creating playlists and whatnot. To accomplish this I could easily use windows builtin media player but I do not like that. I am a Winamp supporter and would like to be able to use Winamp in the "background" to play my music. To do this I do not want to have an "instance" of Winamp running and send WND commands to it. As far as I can tell command line and WND commands are the only thing that the SDK allows you to do. I am looking for a real Winamp API that I can include into a multithreaded app. I do not know if there is such a thing but I feel that there should be a DLL or something that I can at least play a song through with all the quirks of Winamp...i.e...great equalizer...sound quality....

Please help.
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sorry but there's nothing in Winamp which will do what you're looking for - it's just a standalone app and not done in the various ways in which WMP is done to allow for it to be embedded / re-used / etc.


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you might want to have a look a the BASS library.

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