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Filter playlist editor songs

It would be nice if there was a way to filter the songs listed in the playlist editor. The most basic example of this would be a search text field (ala the media library) that would allow you to type in some text (or some boolean expression if it ever got to that point) and filter the songs that will be played.

This is basically a request for the functionality of the media library's search to be added to the playlist editor. Also to replicated iTunes playback/filter behavior.

While this may seem redundant, it would be useful if you have a sorted playlist and you for some reason only want songs by band X (let's say winampians) to be played. You type in winampians into the search field and the subset of the playlist editor's songs including winampians gets played. If you unselect it goes back to the way it was (again, like the media library search).

The only other way to currently do this is to use the search in the media library and then put the files into the playlist editor, but you have to keep doing that, and you lose what else you had in the editor at the time. You can create a playlist to save stuff, but who wants to keep doing that.
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I take it you haven't hit J yet then?
(Playlist Editor > J > to bring up the Jump to File box)

Assuming you didn't uncheck support for Jump to File Extra (gen_jumpex.dll) during installation, then this feature is further configurable via:
Winamp > Prefs > Jump to File
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Yes i have done that, but that still doesn't solve the problem. First off, you can't select multiple songs in the list box it gives, which for the purposes I'm talking about makes it either useless or quite monotonous (however you want to look at it).

Unless you want to click on every song, hit enque, hit the next one, enque, ......, that doesn't solve the problem I'm talking about.

The jump to file/que are useful, but not really what I'm talking about.
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