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The problem behind the [error syncing to mpeg]

Before a mod moves this off to tech support--- I am NOT looking for a fix to this error message. I am simply curious as to what exactly is the problem behind this error message:

[error syncing to mpeg]

What isn't happening that is supposed to? What is going wrong?

Again, I'm not looking for a fix--- but I am asking why it showed up in the first place.
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It can have several causes, but basically it just means Winamp tries to play a stream as if it were an mp3 and then fails for some reason.
Most common I think is when you try to play a WMA stream not ending on .wma, so Winamp will assume it's an mp3 stream and then fails. Solution: tell Winamp it's a WMA stream by adding /.wma to the url.
The same can happen if you try to play a NSV or video stream while you don't have the full version of Winamp (needed to play NSV/video streams).

If you tell Winamp to play a stream and it doesn't find a known extension in the url, it will assume it's mp3 (as set in Prefs > Playlist). If then turns out it's not mp3, you'll get that error.

I think it's like that...

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Corrupted MP3s can cause that error.

Also, firewalls can sometimes cause the error. If Winamp "thinks" it is playing a file blocked by a firewall, that error message will show.

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