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if I may suggest...

You can use this "other" nsisXML plug-in
which is compiled under VC6 for ANSI & Unicode NSIS and shouldn't have problem with long ElementText

It does however requires MSXML which is installed on every windows since Win98/IE4
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I have an XML FIle wish contain a directory.Now I want to Use Nsis.But i don't know how can i pars the value of the attribute wish contain the directory from the XML File.
Also nsis should check if this directory exist.if not should Print a message, Like : "Le Dossier n'existe pas " ,Else,It terminate the execution of the rest of program
This is my XML FIle:
< v1>
<v3 chemin= "c:\Dossier" taille=100>

in nsis,i want to get the value of Chemin.
Please,Can you write me what should i write in the nsi??
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You already asked this question in your own thread. Please do not ask the same question twice. http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=332038
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Still no fix for long strings?
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I notice this plugin formats an XML file by converting spaces to tabs. Is there any way to have it leave the whitespace alone?
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