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Modern skins in Winamp Lite?

I've noticed that Winamp Lite is far, far quicker than the 5MB version. Is this BECAUSE it doesn't support modern skins? Or is it because of all the other stuff it doesn't support?

Is it possible to insert the modern skins plugin into Winamp Lite?

I just want Winamp Lite with a transparent window (so I can see my desktop)...not all the other stuff that comes with Winamp 5MB version...
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Modern skins do use more resources that classic and so do some of the more advanced features such as burning. If you want to, you could try installing Winamp Full. Then, during install select Lite from the "Choose Components" dropdown menu and then click the 'Modern Skin Support option or uncheck the components you don't want in the install options.

If you are just interested in transparency you could install Winamp Lite and try one of the following opacity/translucency plug-ins...

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You would need the modern skin plugin along with all the associated files, but it's really modern skins that make winamp run a little slower than the lite version.

If you want transparency and don't want to use modern skins try a plugin like lucidamp which allows you to use transparency on classic skins, asuming you are running on windows 2000/XP in the first place.

Lucidamp is one of many similar plugins, but I personally think it's the best.

/hey jm
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Thanks - both of these work. 'Full' even without all the options certainly loads a lot slower, so I'm guessing it's the modern skin that's to blame.

Thanks fellas
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