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I have two boxes running Winamp over my LAN. A Win98se box, and a P233 laptop with win95B. My files and m3u lists are on my server, a Netware 5 box.
When I load my playlist on my 98 box, everything is fine. If I go in on my laptop, though, many of the ID3 tags look all screwy... specifically, the artist and part of the song title immediately followed by the word TAG (in uppercase) and then the whole artist and title after that. When I do an ALT+3 to view the tag, sometimes it causes a crash (16-bit it looks like) it says 'stack overflow'. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to get the tag view open, and all the entries have lots of spaces before them, the year ALWAYS says 1999, and the category is always Classical!
Is this weird or what?!
Please help!

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS - I completely removed Winamp, removed the folder, removed the ini file, etc. Nothing like that helped.
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