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Winamp has gone silent

This really weird thing happend 15 minutes ago. All of a sudden winamp just went silent for no apparent reason. I figured that it was just a driver that happend to fail, it's happend before, so I restarted the computer.

But Winamp didn't work.

So I thought that maybe it was my speakers that had broken down so unplugged the speakers and tried out my headphones in the back of my computer.

Still silent.

Then I began to fear that it was my soundcard that had given up on me. So I started up VLC player and tried to play a track. Worked like a charm. Tried with Media Player aswell. Worked aswell.

Winamp still nothing.

So I thought that maybe one of the drivers had accedently broken down so I should probably reinstall winamp. So I did that and still nothing.

Now, one would think that since I got both Media Player and VLC in working condition that would be that. But I don't really like Media Player and I only use VLC for video files. Besides, I've been a Winamp user since "the dawn of time" almost and I'm just so comfortable with it's layout that I don't wanna change player.

So, could anyone tell me what the hell is wrong?

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At a guess, make sure the volume slider in the main winamp window isn't set to zero. That's also assuming that you've not selected DiskWriter Output in Prefs > Plugins > Output (as opposed to DirectSound Output).
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I registered solely to respond to this with the solution.

This happened to me a few minutes ago. It wasn't any setting within winamp and everything else was alright. So, I figured "what else could it be?"

The solution: Right click (Windows) Volume Control and then Open Sound Mixer. Scroll to the right... Winamp should be muted in there for some reason. Unmute it, and all should be good in the world.

That's what the problem was for me, and unmuting it there was the solution. Hopefully this will help anyone else that somehow acquires this problem.

Of note, I have no clue how this happened. I had my music paused and was in a game (windowed full screen, Skyrim), and then I tabbed out and hit play and there was no sound. I suppose I may have muted and unmuted my sound at some point a few times, so that may have had something to do with it. But I did it with my keyboard mute key, so that should have been system-wide.
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win7 mutes stuff automatically if it detects chat calls, etc... i disabled that "feature" in win7 b/c its crap, doesn't unmute, and doesn't work right.

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