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Question What differences are there between SilentInstall and SetSilent

Hey guys,
I've been noticing that very occasionally (3-5 times per 30) on vista when I launch installer1 from the command line and use the SetSilent method in the installer it will throw a "NSIS Error Launching Installer" when I execute installer2 from inside installer1(that uses SilenInstall). Installer1 installs properly, but installer2 doesn't launch.

On the other hand, if installer1 is set to SilentInstall, I've ran it 120+ times with no sign of the error from installer2.

Question: How does SilentInstall and SetSilent differ from each other and does NSIS handle them differently? Also, Why would this only occur on vista(I've set the RequestLevel correctly in both installers)?
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They don't differ by much. It's just a question of when the installer will decide it's silent.

Please include a complete example that can be used to reproduce this issue.

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