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Pause and rewind live streams

I'm looking for a feature that will allow me to pause and rewind when I'm listening to live audio streams.

I listen to the Free XM radio channels via XM radio every day and sometimes in the middle of a really good song I need to pause and answer the phone, or use the lavatory, or something. It would be great if I could pause and it would act like my Comcast DVR at home where it buffers up the broadcast up to a certain point (like, say, an hour). With Comcast DVR I have a "Live" button that fastforwards me back to the live stream.

Other times I've wanted to rewind to hear a bit of dialogue I just missed, because some loud noise or other distraction caused me to miss part of the conversation. It would be great if I could rewind the stream to hear the bit I just missed. Again, I could then just skip forward to the Live stream once I was done.

I'm -NOT- looking for a way to rip a stream to disk, so please don't suggest that as a solution. I don't want the hassle of doing that. I'm not trying to record things I hear off the stream, I have no interest in setting up some complex solution just to hear a bit of dialog or song that just whizzed by. I just want to pause and resume without missing anything good and any hassle.

TIVO, Comcast, DirecTV and others all have this sort of functionality built into their home units. I can pause and rewind live TV without having to record the whole program. The whole world is doing this now, and it's time for WinAMP to do it too.

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