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Send a message via ICQ to SepZis
Hello folks,

my Name is Jay or SepZis, im 23 Years Old, from Germany and i wanna find a Radio Station, where i can play my Shows.

Ive started I-Net DJing in 2009 with three Shows weekly.

']['echTraXX - Hardstyle, Hardcore
']['rippin' - Goa, Psytrance, Darkpsy
']['idal Waves - Trance

Atm im only Mixing with Virtual DJ, but i will receive new Mixing Hardware soon. My Shows were pur Music Shows without Moderation, but im flexible.

You can Contact me at nrjay@gmx.de

See ya

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The 'Ministry Of Slam' radio show is looking for online radio syndication!

The show is known as 'The UK's Number 1 Pro-Wrestling Talk Show' and has won several awards over the last few years including best Male and Female interviews of the year. We regularly feature interviews with stars from the world of pro-wrestling, as well as event coverage, discussion, and call-ins.

We broadcast our show from 7pm GMT (2pm EST) for 3 hours on a Sunday, and we also archive our shows on our official website and on iTunes.

Potential station partners would either pick up the show archives for rebroadcast, relay our 96k stream through their server, or we would stream to your shoutcast server during the live broadcast.

Your station affiliation would be marketed on the show as well as on our site and other ancillary materials.

If you have additional questions, please email me:

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Computer Talk Radio available for syndication...

Computer Talk Radio has existed for over 2 years in the broadcast world (in some venues with a different name), but now we are seeking internet stations that will rebroadcast the show as well.

Hosted by Benjamin Rockwell (myself), Comptuer Talk Radio is a two hour broadcast providing news, information, guests, and answers to computer questions that is on multiple broadcast stations.

The show is available for download in a standard hour long program (with PSA's filling some time slots), or in multiple segments for radio stations to insert their own commercials. The weekly show is provided for download late Thursday for broadcast from Saturday to Friday.

Please e-mail us at websyndication-at-computertalkradio.com for more information.
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I am looking for a station! I have been a DJ in the U.S. and Puerto Rico since the beginning days of Yahoo Radio and have worked for Total Gaming Radio, Eve Radio, Blade Radio, and 91X FM as well as some XM stations (collaborator/ correspondent). I have 10+ years of experience in radio and over 15 years of experience in nightclub/ live venue event hosting and am looking for a new/permanent home.

The Maxx Ray Show is a mixture of news/current events/ pop culture events/ live or pre-recorded prank calls/ music (rock/alternative) and of course talk. I have several show segments that I think would be a great addition to your team. I am use to forum/ chat / call conversation with listeners as well as post dated communication such as emails. I work with SAM (registered and licensed), Cubase, Pro-tools, and have over 100 gigs of music in many genres.

I can send an Aircheck, but I would like to know your requirements for it so I get everything right from the get-go.

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I created a directory for syndicated programs, it's new.

The idea is to provide a place where people /can/ post links to their shows (and a resource for people searching shows)

streamsyndication dot com

I realize this isn't a show, but it IS directly related to the topic of DJ's searching for stations and stations searching for DJ's (especially syndication)

I couldn't find a proper thread to post this kind of thing.

Since the whole idea is to provide a place where people CAN post links, thus, hopefully helping this forum AND it is completely non-commercial, I felt it is appropriate.

It is intended in the spirit of being helpful.
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The Nick Vivid Show is available mon-fri 3pm-6pm est

The Nick Vivid Show, is a talk/rock music show that is sort of described as "Howard Stern" meets "Wayne's world".

I'm looking for stations to broadcast the live feed from 3-6 pm est monday - friday. I broadcast on ustream.tv - audio is at 56kbps.

I'm encouraging all shoutcast/icecast stations interested in carrying my show to do so. It is licensed under the creative commons, and I also run a record label, so all songs I *do* play, I have rights to and you'll have royalty issues carrying my show.

If you decide to run it, please send me an email a nickvivid [at] gmail.com and I'll add your link to our affiliates page at nickvivid dot com and plug your station on my show.

I do no advertising on my show, other than for records i'm promoting for my label and other nick vivid related stuff. My show is listener supported, so i'll plug my site and donation box during the show from time to time.

Grab and re-broadcast the audio feed of the show at the ustream page. just search for the nick vivid show


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GENRE Mix of everything.
HOW AVAILABLE: I send you the file.
When: I Do a Weekly show available for you to download every wenesday. No times or dates are included so you can play them whenever.

im working on a website now, you can email me at eestraz@msn.com and i will send you a sample playlist and answer any more questions you might have.
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EDIT: Accidental Double Post
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Send a message via Skype™ to jedediahw
Mac OS Broadcaster

Name: Jedediah
Work: Art Director
Hobby: DJ'ing is my hobbehhh!
OS: Mac OS 10.6
Setup: NiceCast/DJay/iTunes
Genre(s): Electronica, Indie Rock, Drum & Bass, (Have some latin Rock/Pop)


Hello. Just thought I'd throw my name out there to see if anyone is interest of a DJ who can play a variety of genres or only one as mentioned above. I broadcast on a small station if you'd like to hear a set. I broadcast M-F from approximately 10AM-6PM Ecuador time. I speak a little spanish as well. I just love music and am glad to share it with whoever might listen

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Looking To DJ

Hi, i'm Tony, i'm 24, with some time on my hands. i've had a love for music since i can remember. I'm interested in DJing all types of genres. I haven't actually done anything professional or anything that has been broadcast on the internet, but i want to start. I'm currently attending Devry University for Computer Forensics.

I'm available to broadcast from 11-2 on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, and on saturday i'm available from 8-2. if anyone is looking for a dj and you're willing to give a few pointers in starting out, shoot me an email, i'm your guy.

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Send a message via Yahoo to MoorendsFM
Hi Stations

My Name is Daniel H i am looking to do a mixture show of Decade hits i am available most days but unavailable Fridays and Sundays due to other commitments if interested in hiring me my email address is kevin8@btinternet.com
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Andy Lowson
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Hey, i just thought seeing as i have free time on my hands I'd throw my hat into the ring for this.

I used to work at a internet radio station for around a year before i left owing to exams and school work, but seeing as its the summer i decided to get back into the hobby.

I'm pretty flexible but Wednesday morning or Thursday afternoon would suit me best, but i can fill in most areas.

I have a variety of genre's in my music collection (1042 songs, 71 hours) but hold a personal interest in:

-Some Rock

But my old shows were made up of different genre's in different parts of the show and the format generally worked pretty well and attracted listeners.

I might need a few pointers here and there as i havent done this for a while, but im willing to learn and take advice!

E-mail / Msn me at: AndyLowson@hotmail.co.uk
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Send a message via AIM to djprinvale
* Post only info about yourself,day and time available,genres etc..

Name: DJ Prinvale (Pron: Prin-volley)
Days/Times: Looking for once a week, 1 - 3 hour set
Genres: I try to stick w/ electro/house because my regular club gigs are typically hiphop/top40
Email: djprinvale@gmail.com
Exp: 10 years experience, 6+ performing live, ran my own personal shoutcast for a few years now
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I have worked as a DJ for 6 years. I have a Newmark iDJ2, Sony Dynamic MDR-7509HD Headphones, A Windows Laptop With 250GB Hard Drive Space, Over 1000 Dance Tracks, and 1000 Pop-Dance (Things that is popular and in the charts at the moment). I have owned radio stations before, and am the legal owner and Technical Manager of CrystalSoundRadio.
I am looking for slots anytime on any station between the times 10am and 10pm GMT+0 Monday to Sunday. Contact me on TeKnOfY@live.ie
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DJ looking for work

Hey there!

My name is William Frost, which is also my artist name, and i am looking for work (working for free ofc)
I use high end dj software (Traktor Pro) and a midi controler, and my genre is Electro House.
I am from Denmark and have been doing bedroom DJ'ing for quite some time now.

Give me a call if you wanna know more! my email is william_1907@msn.com
Looking forward to hear from you!
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Hey Shoutcast!! (Show Syndication Offer)

First it's been quite some time since I used these forums, so I'll try my best to not break the rules..

In short I've been producing DIY radio shows for about 6 six years, we've interviewed bands like Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, Slash etc etc.

After a bit of time away, we've started producing a brand new 1 hour rock radio show, based in my professional recording studio, so from time to time we have live bands as well as chat and all sorts of silly fun..

The first batch of shows have been focused on a local listener base, but we'd love to branch out a little, so we are offering our show to anyone that would be interested in syndicating our show on your stream/station..

Show Type : Rock/Metal
Live/Recorded : Recorded
Presenters : 2 + guests
Audio Formats : MP3 / Wav or other on request

That is the simple stuff, feel free to email me for more details.

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Brand New Show!

Hi There,

Im starting a new radio show within the next week and i am making it avalible to any radio station for free!

I will be playing the best songs from the 80s 90s & today, with a every other week i will be do a compotition.

During the show i will play the track of the week and what track was number 1 this time 10 years ago every week!.

Im also setting up a website for the show where listeners can reqeuest a track for next weeks show.

Hoping to add loads of new features into it as the weeks go by.

If you are intrested in using my show onto you station e-mail me and we can go from there.

Many Thanks
Lee Darkins
(All Hit Music Show!)

E-Mail: allhitmusicshow@hotmail.co.uk
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Need DJ's

Hello all and gby. I am looking for christians who like to be a DJ on our radio station. I am starting a gospel radio station and need DJ's The only show on there is mine. If you you like to be a DJ please email me at BrotherShawn30@yahoo.com Thanks
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Hey- wondering if anyone is interested in niche Industrial sub-genres such as ambient, harsh noise, and power electronics. I have a very large collection of these (lots of rare tapes and LPs ripped) and I'd love to do an hour+ a week or something of the sort to open more people up to this stuff. I'm assuming any industrial or (more extreme) metal channel would work well.

E-mail me if there's any interest... ofortunaband [at] hotmail [dot] com.
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Dj KueTouch
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Hello evry1
My Name is Dj KueTouch i've been a dj for 10 years. i've dj for 2 stations . i have vdj and itch
i do evrything and anything thats club music techno, trance, dance, house, hardstyle...
i have a few days during the week after 8pm and i'm off on the weekends but prefer anything during the night. if intrested email me @ jpineiro76@yahoo.com
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cannon radio
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Do NOT offer this guy djTeKnOfY a slot on your radio i did and he messed everything up some how change password and stuff his e-mail was <teknofy@live.ie> his name Jamie Walsh So lookout for him the tosser
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If anyone is looking to carry a radio show that features
All different types of music
Talk about technology and other topics of interest
The occasional giveaway
Listener requests
New music spotlights
And more...
Email me about carrying The Djd Invasion live on Sunday nights between 8 PM and 12 AM eastern or as a pre record
Email me at
to get a link for downloading past shows to see if it would fit your station's format.
From David
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Jeeper One
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I am looking to syndicate the radio version of my political talk show called The Left Wing Conservative which currently airs only on Progressive Moderates Radio which is the flagship station for the show. When there is a show (Which admittedly is short of rarely with Capitol Hill in lame duck mode), it is on every Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 PM ET USA time.

Now that I'm off of Live365, the show is available for relay broadcast as well as podcast. See the website below for all the information.

If you have any questions or interest in carrying the show, please email me at theleftwingconservative@gmail.com & I'll supply you with all the information.

I look forward to your reply


Pat Cook
Englewood, CO
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Mainstream Dance/House & Pop Remix Show

I have been doing a radio mixshow for over 3 years. I play Mainstream dance, club & pop remixes. The show is a continuous 60 minute mix, but also is available in segments for stations who play commercials. I do not speak or host the show.

The show is pre-recorded and can be aired at anytime. Most stations choose to air it on Friday/Saturday nights or evenings. New episodes are available by Thursday of each week.

FTP or E-Mail delivery is available.

For info or a demo please e-mail me: joel@joelnorth.com


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Looking for On-Air DJ's for Two New WebRadio Stations

GeekRadio.biz and MixLatino.org are looking to fill several open positions for online DJ’s (You folks in the UK call them “presenters”). We are an all volunteer operation, so there’s no money in it yet. We have a policy that until everyone can get paid nobody gets paid, even the owner. I find that admirable, IMHO.

Anyway, we are a predominately a Top 40 English and Latin music station, but we maintain a policy of trying to keep out of the DJs’ business and let them play what they want.

Check us out at www.geekradio.biz and www.mixlatino.org. If you feel it’s something you’d like to be a part of, email us at admin@geekradio.biz or admin@mixlatino.org.

Toilet Duck (Chris)
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My Names Ryan,

Currently Serving With British Army

I Have Done Some Broadcasting Before, Generaly Playing The Latest In Dance/Trance/Pop/RnB/Indie Pretty Much Everything Except From Heavy Metal And Rock (Like To Keep My Music Library Upto Date)

I Only Really Get The Chance To Get Online Every 2 Weeks Or So At The Weekends. I Could Do Pre-Recorded Shows And Do The Live Shows When I Am Home If I Get The Chance.

Email Me

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About Us
The online radio station is a revolutionary new online radio station which aims to offer a diverse range of shows in order to bring different communities together across the world. The UK midlands based station will provide good quality entertainment which will be widely available via the internet on both your computer or mobile device. Listener?s will be able to tune into the station using the interactive website and use features such as the request line to submit requests and take part in shows. The station will also be available from your mobile device using a 3G/Wi-Fi connection. The website is currently run by a group of talented young people working voluntarily to provide great quality shows for listeners to enjoy throughout the week. The station is different to other online stations out there as it provides our listener?s with several ways to get involved in live shows. The station gives young people a new way to voice their opinions and personalize the station so that it is unique to everyone. We build on constructive feedback we receive from our dedicated listeners in order to upgrade the website and make the experience as simple and easy as possible.

Join the team
We are currently looking for Internet DJ's experienced in the following genres:
RnB, HipHop, Dubstep, Grime & Bollywood/Bhangra. Other genre's are also welcomed however we are currently in need of the genres mentioned above more.

You MUST be trained on Sam Broadcaster or Virtual DJ software.

If you are interested then please email: applications@invasianfm.co.uk
with the following information

Software experience / previous stations if any:

Once this information has been received we shall email you including further details including details of your trial if successful.

Thank you.
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1 year old show looking for new home

So since January 2009 I have hosted an internet radio show called Not Picture Perfect Radio. First I was on blogtalkradio.com and then most recently I was on Party934.com which also broadcast on 88.3 FM/94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, New York.

Unfortunately, just within the past week, myself and the station manager agreed that I would be pulling the show off their station due to a variety of reasons.

I am now looking for a new home for the show. I was currently using SAM.

The show is a variety type show featuring music from all different types of genres, interviews (have covered Country Throwdown Tour and Vans Warped Tour this past summer), we also have our own website as well.

Looking for a station where we can broadcast the show Monday through Friday (one day a week preferably) in the evening. Due to my paying job, I can not do it on weekends or during the day.

My email is notpictureperfect@gmail.com. If this sounds like something you are interested in you can go to the website, NPPRadio.com and check out our interview archives. Thanks.
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Pre-recorded 1 hour weekly mixshow available

I have a one hour weekly dance mix show available to any station who would like to run it.

The songs are taken from the playlists that I use when I DJ clubs in my area ... mostly dance chart/top 40 chart tracks. The show is tightly produced and mixed, with imaging reflecting only my name and other DJ related stuff.

If this sounds like something that your station could use, send an e-mail to danski@clubland.us and we can talk more about it.
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Wow Can Show Right Now
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Hello, I am DJ Jungletoe. I have some experience mixing techno and house myself, but would like to start DJing radio. I prefer to DJ electronic music stations, but I will do any type of music.

I'm available Saturday from 9 AM - 6 PM (for a 2 hour shift) and Sunday from 12 AM - 3 PM. I'll do it free or paid, but I'll take priority over a paid job.

Contact me at:
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DJ AfterMath
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Post only info about yourself,day and time available,genres etc..
Hi guys, my name is DJ AfterMath
Im am what i like to refer to as a crowd pleaser, meaning whatever the crowd is in the mood for i feed off of and play, I have about 4 years experience in the online radio business, also i have about 4 years of real experience. I'm looking for a station that needs a lot of time slots filled up, im available a lot id really prefer to play a mixture of music but im sure i can work something out with you, the only way to contact me is via yahoo seeing as i hate waiting days for messages to me relayed, so you can contact me @ thynameisjustin <--- via yahoo messenger only, thanks
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Back To The 80s With Ray Gauthier now accepting stations

Hi everyone, we are scheduled to re-launch Back to the 80s after a two year rest.
The show will be two hours divided in 6-17 minute segments, allowing 9 min per hour for national and local spots, 3 minute breaks between segments. We may also go to 6-18 minute segments, allowing 6 min per hour for national and local spots, 2 minute breaks between segments; depending what the majority of stations prefer.

A 30 second promo is provided every week as well.
Station id's and breakaways will also be available.

Lets tell you about the show...

The first hour will consist of a top 10 countdown from a randomly select week in the 80s.
The second hour will continue it's journey through the 80s with lost favorites, the big hits, requests and dedications.

If your station is interested in airing Back To The 80s in January, please send us and email and we will add you to our list of affiliates. You will be notified well in advance before the show hits the airwaves with download information. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the show.

Send us an email with your station details or questions to

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Power Hits Now accepting stations! (( New CHR Christian Show ))

Power Hits!
"The hits of yesterday and today"

Power Hits is a FREE two hour syndicated radio show that is available every week, hosted by Ray Gauthier and his side kick Grango. It's two solid hours of the hit's of yesterday and today in Christian music, with a touch of humor while maintaining a professional approach that will keep your listeners entertained and praising God!

Power Hits is scheduled to launch in January 2011
For more information or to sign up!


God Bless You All!
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My name is Dillan Pruemer, I go under the DJ name "DJ Lungs". I mostly will be doing this part-time so I won't be able to do scheduled time slots but, I will be available whenever needed. My music is more in the rock and metal genres but I play pretty much anything from pop to disco to fuck to rap to pretty much any genre in the book. I am not that experienced on the Winamp DNAS and with a little help, I do pretty good work,

I can be contacted on my email at: gorefreak951@yahoo.com and my yahoo user name: gorefreak951.

You can also find me on Facebook and MySpace if needed.
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Radiorockcafe : The Roadhouse ready for syndication

Good day.

Radiorockcafe is proud to offer it's "Roadhouse" syndicated show to all ROCK stations.

Hosted by Otis, Gus and Mo from the Radiorockcafe team, this show full of humour and GREAT rock and blues music is sure to become a favorite on your station as it has become on other stations in the US and Canada.

Drop us PM or an email (admin@radiorockcafe.com) and we'll get the ball rolling so that YOUR station can start broadcasting this GREAT show.

Have a GREAT day
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I am looking for a station to take me in, Im 18 years old and a senior in highschool. My Email is Annnnnndreww@live.com. I am looking to do any radio station that is looking for a DJ for Trance, House, Electro, Techno, etc. Genres. I have experiance with shoutcast already and my show could go for however long its needed and i could talk with my microphone for interaction.
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Hobby station DJ looking for a station

Hi. I've been a DJ on various hobby stations, as well as on the management team of several, from 2003 to late 2008. I went on hiatus then but am interested in DJing again, on a fresh, new (to me) station rather than going back to playing for the same crowd of listeners that I've known for years. I want something new. I have always done live shows, interacting with my listeners via an IRC channel or chatroom during my shows.

I have over 80 gigabytes of properly-tagged and volume-normalized mp3s in a wide variety of genres. I play a lot of old-school rock from the '60s through '80s, a wide variety of world music from all over the place, lots of Celtic music, an occasional bit of jazz, and even some Country & Western and bluegrass upon occasion. You never know what you're going to hear on my shows. (Tuvan throat-singing, anyone?)

I have a stable ADSL connection that tests at around 600kb up and 2mb down, a UPS for the modem and wifi router in case of power outages (so I won't just drop the stream should that happen), a reliable laptop with a 750GB external drive, running PCLinuxOS and Internet DJ Console 0.8.4 (which I have tested on a Shoutcast stream and ensured that I can connect). I have a headset/mic combo. While I have DJed using both Winamp/Shoutcast DSP and SAM Broadcaster in the past, I am currently in a Microsoft-free environment using all (legal) free/open source applications.

I'm located in the Philippines but am an American national. I am interested in doing 1 or 2 shows per week in the afternoons between 3PM and 5PM local Philippines time, M-F only or perhaps later, say 8-10PM. I would prefer a licensed, legal station. It can be a start-up station but I would prefer one with an established listener base and one that's going to be around for awhile.

I can be reached via email at motterj at gmail dot com if you're interested. I'm not looking for a paid position nor a station management position (too much behind-the-scenes drama), I'd just like to DJ again for the fun of it.

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New at this DJ stuff


I am trying to "break into the business" and I thought getting involved with ShoutCast would help me do that.

I am looking for someone to mentor me and to take me through the steps on getting started, doing my own radio show, etc.... if there is someone here willing to help a person out just answer this with a reply on how to get intouch with you.


(aka Mia Simmons)
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Modern Problems Radio Show Looking For Affiliates

Route 1 Radio is looking to Syndicate our flag ship show "Modern Problems. Modern Problems streams live every Thursday Night 8pm-10pm. We have the capabilities to stream to multiple servers, or if you are using Sam Broadcaster, we can give you a PAL Script to run so it automatically broadcast from our servers. Stations looking to add a show on another time schedule will be able to download the shows from our servers 48 hours after it airs.

Modern Problems is hosted by Daveylove, who brings his comedic vision of hollywoods hotmess and it’s all coming from the mind of a sick family man. Co-host Cautious-C who has “It’s Your Dime” each week to complain about his pet peeves, , Co-Host/Producer Shotgun who seems to find the weirdest and craziest news stories, and the Hot Co-host Calimary trying to hold them down Can she do it? Or will the sexual innuendos get her. Modern Problems will be playing music from artists such as Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Dave Matthews Band,Ben Harper, Brett Dennen, John Butler Trio and will be interviewing artists ,actors and people from the entertainment industry as well. Upcoming interviews include "Michael McGlone, Robbie Gil, and Big Head Todd"

If you would like more information you can contact me here or at shotgun@route1radio.com

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