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DJ's and Shows Available.

This thread is for DJS/presenters or syndicated shows who wish to advertise their services to stations.
Stations Who are looking for DJS Click Here


** Post only info about yourself,day and time available,genres etc..

** Syndication requests ARE allowed

** No URL's,however email addresses are allowed.

** NO Discussions.

** Stations can NOT post asking for djs.

** NO Station Spam

Failure to understand and comply with these simple rules will result in your post being removed and for repeat offenders a forum ban. Posts older than 1 month may be deleted.

Good luck DJS and presenters..

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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I'm Viki.
I've been an event DJ for a few years now and would like to try radio and such.
I'm energetic, rambly, acerbic and passionate about EDM. I specialize in dubstep, brostep, electro and house, but I have plenty of trap, moombahton and glitch hop as well.

So if you want a high energy bard of electronic music, send me an email at:
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Sent you an email
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Two Live Shows available each week

I have two live shows available each week for syndication to established stations

Saturday 4-6pm UK time, My Generation, the world's first online 60s radio show, and
Sunday 8-10am UK time, My generic shows with music from across the decades

Full details at www.garyjacksonradio.com
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Former host of SL radio channel and private online radio, both now disabled.
Total bg time: 2yrs
eMail: stacklin@infinityproject.co
Profession: CEO/Blogger/Tech Guy

And remember.. Meow.
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Hi my name is Ian Thundersley.

I am an Internet DJ playing a few songs from all genres to keep it fresh.

I like talking about modern topics in a tongue in cheek way also highlighting humour.

I am looking for Internet stations to do shows on. Can provide an audition if you want.

Let me know if your interested
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Smashin Tunez Radio

We are a new station looking for dj's to entertain our listeners. All shifts are available. Please contact me on yahoo as dj.tenderheart. I am willling to help you setup.

You must have:

Yahoo Messenger
Sam Broadcaster

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Hello I was wondering if you be interested in joining another radio we looking for djs promo tech etc
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DJ Sindrum
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Hello, Im a Dj in Florida looking to get on a station. I have played on FSEDM OURWAY, a weekly podcast featured on 95party.com for Full Sails and Orlandos EDM community. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Retired Australian based professional DJ looking for a volunteer gig or two. Specialize in both country music and vintage/classic rock.
Own over 70,000 tracks for each genre, all legally obtained, many rare. Own my own SAM license. Able to broadcast live or forward prerecorded shows.
Prefer established online station. Just looking to have some fun and playing music
Demo available.
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hi im an 19 year old new dj looking for some dj work. i will work for free as i see this as a great way to gain experience i play house, deep house, rnb and hiphop. email me at djbrooks14@outlook.com
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DJ Ja9
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Kevin if you are still interested in a gig, please let me know. Thunder Radio Canada is a fully licensed, popular internet radio station and we are in need of some new talent. Hope to hear from you!

Last edited by DJ Ja9; 1st April 2016 at 22:31. Reason: Update
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Host looking for show..

Commercial DJ with 13 years in the industry and 10+ years streaming in SecondLife and now at trucksimradio.com. Was doing a daily show but it appears the station ownership has lost interest so I have scaled back a bit. Check the site if you want to catch a show.

I use SAM Broadcaster Pro (Licensed 2016 version), Blue Snowball and have an active MP3 subscription to supplement my music library.

Currently working as a Support Manager for a Hosting Company on a GMT schedule but living in EST. Looking for a M-F slot of 2-3 hours with an established presence where the owners actually care about the station. No earlier than 2pm (EST). Also I do a 2 hour Saturday show of only music that was released in the last 7 days.
Genres I play currently Rock, Pop, AC but have access to many others.

Ideally I would like to find another 'gamer centered' group as I like to play many different games online and I stream on twitch regularly /sundancec

Drop me a message at djsundancec@gmail.com if you think we might be a good fit.

-Sundance Churchill
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Been hoping to find a page like this for awhile . . .

I ran a Live365 channel for about four years spinning nothing but vinyl ripped to .mp3 from my personal record collection. The program was called "Crate Digger's Radio" and I had a lot of fun putting it together. Had a very good audience with thousands of people tuning in from all over the world. The musical mix was always eclectic and original. Spanning genres on vinyl from jazz, to folk, to rockabilly, classic rock (a lot of that), to indie & electronica, to honky-tonk and even a bit of metal.

Basically, if I liked it, and I thought my listeners would like it . . . I played it (and they all seemed to like it).

I did not actually speak on the channel but I did keep the music fresh with daily album side uploads (cut into separate songs and put on shuffle).

When Live365 was put out of business with the recent royalty rate changes I felt a great sadness . . . and . . . more importantly . . . I'm like, "what am I going to do with ALL OF THESE RECORDS?!?!?"

So, I put two, two-hour demo radio shows together using Audacity, a Yeti mic and my heeeuge record collection.

I have yet to send either of these shows out to any of my local (St. Louis & Columbia, MO) indie radio stations . . . but perhaps I may not have to do that if there's anyone who might be interested in my services here.

I could easily put a weekly or bi-weekly show together for any internet radio station and I would be THRILLED to do so!

I must admit that I have no experience behind a mic, but I do believe that I have the requisite abilities. I'm a fast learner, I have a good voice, I have a fairly extensive musical vocabulary and record collection to match, with a good ear for good music. I think I have an ability to turn anyone on to any genre . . . all it takes is a good example and I'm great at finding it!

I'm self employed (own an antique mall) and a night owl. Any early to late evening / late-night spot would be best but as noted, I'm flexible.

If anyone would be interested in giving me a shot, I'd love to join your team!

Always available via email at: aringadingding@hotmail.com.

(If you'd like to give those demos a listen and have a look at what I've been listening to lately, just check out Crate Digger's Radio on Facebook!)
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Affordable Radio Imaging

I hope this thread is also friendly to imaging producers. If so, I'm available to provide affordable imaging services! I have 16 years experience in radio, working as an on-air personality, Director of Production/Imaging and Program Director but recently decided Law School should take the lead. PM me your station's details and I'll get a quote back to you as soon as I can. A demo URL is available upon request.
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Please delete if not allowed...
Anyone interested in our new internet radio station??
we play every kind of genre we take requests
and play the tunes that are requested...
we have dj's that use mic, we also have dj's
that just play music with no interuptions.

we are also looking for new dj's to play day/ night
whenever suits... you can build a brilliant music
collection along the way, or want to learn something new
we do have a chat facility with the radio but thats optional

if you fancy this then the link is
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Tenderheart Radio

We are a new station looking for dj's to entertain our listeners. All shifts are available. Please contact me on yahoo as dj.tenderheart. I am willling to help you setup.

You must have:

Yahoo Messenger
Sam Broadcaster
Second life (Optional)
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