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Stations looking for DJs

This thread is for station owners who are looking for DJs and wish to advertise their current openings.

Please do not use this thread if you are a DJ looking to play on a station. The thread for that is here.


** Contact methods are by PM via these message boards or by email only. Any direct links (URLs) to websites will be removed and may result in the posting user being banned.

** Please post days the station is looking for a DJ, times the station needs filled, and time zone the station is in.

** Please post the genre in which you are seeing a DJ for.

** NO Discussions.

** NO Station Spam

** NO URLs to station websites

Failure to understand and comply with these simple rules will result in your post being removed and for repeat offenders a forum ban. Posts older than 1 month may be deleted.

Good luck in finding DJs station owners …
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SteamingHotRadio is looking for fresh n exciting people for DJ'S/ Promo Positions this is voluntary work not paid. if you love to have fun and love to chat well this is a great opportunity for you. come and join our team be a part of our big family. if you or someone you know is lookin for exciting opportunity come on over. this is totally volunteer work and have fun doing it. we have morning afternoon evening slots available we are eastern based in us were accepting all
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Hay Ultimate Radio Experience brand new internet radio station - looking for dj's covering all genre - we are based in the UK but want dj's for all time slot across the day so we'll consider all! if you want an exciting new challenge to make your name in radio and do the job you love by playing music to your show fans, then come and join us we love to chat and get you started. Gavin from Ultimate Radio Experience
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is looking for DJ'S to cover all time slots
we are a brand new station only two weeks old
both male and female dj's wanted
no experience need we can train you
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hi i'm looking for a station to volunteer for, have experience, as both as a DJ and as a owner, have a few TB of assorted music, preferably looking for a UK station to join
add me on skype dean.sims2
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i am a drumnbass dj looking to run my own staion from home i hope you can help
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In search of volunteer remote DJ

We previously hosted a show on scheduled nights that focused on heavier, sometimes darker rock/metal, from classics to current, but have unfortunately lost our DJ, and am seeking someone to take over this schedule.
As stated, this is a volunteer position and, with the right person, we could work out a schedule that is complimentary to both the station, and the DJ.
Must have a personality, obviously, their own equipment, i.e., computer, mic, music library, etc.
Familiarity with SAM Broadcaster is a plus, as I will supply you with a station licensed copy, currently for Windows only.
Must be willing to adhere to basic broadcasting guidelines that I will provide the selected individual with.
The selected candidate will also be expected to promote not only their show, but the station as a whole in order to broaden our listener base.
If you have any questions or wish to be considered, please contact me here.
Thank you.
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