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UK Based Online Broadcast Station looking to expand its variety.

QFR is a brand new online broadcast station based in Scotland, UK.

We recently beat the UK Prime Minister to the front page of the local papers around Scotland's Capital, Edinburgh with our enthusiasm of bringing local radio to a community while maintaining a great variety of all round entertainment from beyond.

The stations aim is to bring localness back to the area of South Queensferry. While bringing great entertainment and stories to the community which follow us.

Although we aim to bring local news to the community we primarily serve we are looking to partner this with a great variety of shows and entertainment which may not primarily need to be from the local area.

We are keen to bring shows onto our Station which come from up & down the UK and even Internationally too.

Local news, topics and talk ups are provided to presenters each week which they can insert into their shows depending on the shows' format and be provided as information to our listeners in a casual and friendly manner.

Experience is not essential however we are looking for individuals to be able to demonstrate an ability to broadcast either live or via pre-recorded shows.

You must have the ability to broadcast and record from your own premises.

Please note all positions are voluntary.

If you feel you may have an interest in helping out in other areas please also feel free to contact us.

You can apply by sending an email of interest to info@myqfr.com or alternatively by sending a Demo coupled with examples of any experience (not compulsory) to the same email address info@myqfr.com

QFR - Local News, The Best Music

Best Regards,
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I am looking for dance music presenters for live or pre recorded hour long weekly shows, this could be for example played on a Friday and Saturday night, I am open to what slots people would like as the station is a new station, I am also keen to schedule the show to appear at different times throughout the week to ensure other time zones can catch your show, please PM me if interested.
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Explicit club radio -- looking for djs and radio hosts





RADIO LINK: http://explicitclubradio.listen2myradio.com/
WEBSITE LINK: http://explicitclubradio***********
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DJ's needed

We are looking for DJ's who can mix decently in genres such as:
  • Dubstep
  • DNB
  • UK Funky
  • House
  • Garage
  • Bassline
  • Hip Hop
  • RNB
  • Grime

You MUST have a way of broadcasting over broadband.
A demo of you mixing would also be helpful as well!
If you would like to apply or would like more details email us at eazyfmlondon@gmail.com
Website: www.eazyfmlondon.**************
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tommy dee
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Radio presenter with recorded shows wanted

Ours is a small local radio station broadcasting locally to the ex patriot, english speaking community. we bring news, local info and good music to our marketplace which is mostly 45-70 years old.

Looking for regular shows, 3-5 a week, which can be sent as an MP3. styles to suit our listeners so thats 50s to 90s and today but without rap, Hip Hop etc, a cool voice and someone who wants to have fun.

We do source sponsors and are honest and straighforward with our presenters. I have already tkane one local RS to live FM with live shows and am now working on this project to do the same. Pls contact me sawadeetom@gmail.com
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On-Line Personality Wanted

On-Line Personality
We have a few positions and time slots available for broadcasters of all skill levels. We are looking for anyone that thinks they have what it takes to host a show. If you are a current or former on-air personality we are interested in hearing from you. If you have some experience and feel like you want the opportunity to hone your craft this is the place. If you have never been on the air and are looking for that first shot and want to learn how to become a disc jockey, we may have room for you also. We are willing to work with someone who shows they have the desire and the passion to be the best personality they can be.
The desire to have a lot of fun and do a quality show while broadcasting around the world
To apply for any of the above positions, send a brief resume and for on-line personality positions a recorded voice demo to: jobs@hawkradio.net For voice demos for an on-air position, include a couple of song announcements so that we can get an idea of how you would sound on air.
We want to hear from you and have you become the newest member of the team at Hawk Radio.net
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RadioTalk Show Host Broadcasters Wanted!

The TalkRadio network is currently looking for live broadcasters for Station 1 (all talk radio) of our Internet Radio Station.

We're looking for individuals with great ideas for a talk show. Do you have a passion or a hobby, music style, or just some type of subject matter that would interest a large group of listeners? If so, we are looking for hosts for our non-profit talk radio network.

You would be cutting into our radio stream directly from your home PC, and would be using free broadcast tools. What's better, your hourly spot is also free, and there are no setup costs or fees in anyway. We just want good quality hosts, who are passionate about their
subject matter.

No prior Streaming/hosting experience is necessary (It's really easy and we'll get you set up in no time).


- A Home Computer, with a decent internet connection.
- A USB Mic (or PC mike connected to your soundcard).

Optional Requirements:

- A Small mixer connected to your phone (if you want callers to call in to your show).

If you're interested in becoming a broadcaster, or have any questions for us... please contact us!
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More |3ass Radio (M|3R)

A Brief About M|3R:

More |3ass Radio (M|3R) is New Fully Automated Online Radio That Gonna Satisfy All M|3R DJs And Listeners With The Best & Newest Songs and Mixes Out There.

M|3R Is Searching For Online DJs And Writers To Apply For MBR Jobs At The Moment. If You Are Interested Please Fill The Application @
M|3R Jobs Application | More |3ass Radio

Thanks in advance
M|3R Staff
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JE JaggedEdge
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Urban Hitz Radio™ Is Looking For Hip-Hop and R&B DJ's.

Ok, y'all, here we go. The great Urban Hitz Radio is back and looking for :

Afternoon Lunch drive Mix Show.
Afternoon Regular Host
Late Night Regular Host.
Mixer. You can be a host and a Mixer.

Now...Please do NOT PM me on this board. You'll need to send an email with an audition of yourself/services. It needs to be recorded. lease make a 10 minute Demo of your skills. This should give you enough time to play a few songs and talk, etc. You'll then email for an approval and you'll receive the email address to send all submissions to ASAP!

Your sessions can be Voice Tracked (Recorded), like many commercial FM stations do. Or you will have your own equipment in-house and broadcast to our server, LIVE!

There is nothing to be nervous about, so please don't send anything with an unprofessional approach or something sounding like you have no idea what you are doing.

Requirements are:

Since this is Internet Radio any age applies (18+) (Contact for info if not 18)
You'll need to have your own music
Your own software: SAM, Virtual DJ 7, StationPlayList, RadioDJ, etc. (Not hard)
Your own Microphone and Headset (for the professional sound) I recommend Yamaha!
You'll need to have Audio conversion software for your MP3 files, if need be...We'll provide it.
You'll need to be able to process your music, so that it sounds great. Again, we'll provide the tools to do so, if need be.

And finally, you'll need to bring your A game. Creativity, A sense of humor, and the ability to entertain.

This station plays Hip-Hop and R&B music. There is nothing censored here, so you can be yourself and talk like you talk!

Have fuin and can't wait to hear what you've got!


.::.(())::. Urban Hitz Radio™ USA .::.(())::. The People' Choice for Hip-Hop & R&B!
Listen to Urban Hitz Radio - GET A Local or TOLL-FREE Request Line NOW...Only $2 Monthly
Request Line: 1-855 588-6767
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Purple Radio Dj Find

MOnday through Friday, 10:30pm to 3:00am or 4:00am, Pacific Time Zone.

- Top 40 hits of today.

My name is Daniel and I am a Dj/owner of Purple Radio. We play the top 40 hits of today including but not limited to these artists: Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, Gym Class Heroes, Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepson, ect.

If you are interested in being a Dj for Purple Radio (starts out w/no payment) please email us at: "purpleradiolive@gmail.com".


-Thanks, Daniel.
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Join Nex Generation Radio (NGARadio)!!!

We are NGA-Radio (Nex Generation Atlanta Radio). Just celebrating our first full year of operation. We mainly promote local, national, and world wide artistes. You can even make the bot use text to speech to talk on air. You can go a bit more advanced and stream your own music from WinAMP, which requires a bit more work, but relatively easy. But if you are more advanced user, we can get our server to connect to your SAM MySQL database and list your available tracks on our web request and mIRC request bot. Live. People can request songs from you as you play live.

We are in full operation. We built, and maintained our entire server from ground up on Linux. Not using 3rd party hosts with limitations - Dedicated Server.

As far as our artistes go, most are Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Soul. We have had a few additions like some Rock, Dubstep, and other international artist. There is no set music we play or accept.. We are all about variety! As a promo, we accept new artists all the time to help with promotion via twitter, fb, youtube, web, etc.. free. Our artist give us full rights to their songs, so we have full permission to stream, (and in some cases if the artist allows it), to download, for us and our DJs.

About what you play when you connect, we do not control that, so you have full control over that, although we do ask to promote/shoutout/etc to our artists and the artists list webpage on our site. We do not believe in censorship or discrimination, so first off. You must be 18+ to apply.

Fill out the DJ application on http://NGARadio.org
Artistes can also submit their bio and tracks on the website if they want to be promoted by us.
Check us in the chatroom at anytime of the day. We are a 24/7 internet radio station!
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Rock 101 KLOL: Houston's Rock Station

Houston's legendary Rock 101 KLOL was taken off the terrestrial airwaves on Nov. 12th 2004 by Clear Channel Communications who flipped the iconic Houston station to Latino Pop/Hip Hop.

Thanks to Shoutcast software, 8 years to the day the station was taken off the air, it will rise again in the digital realm. No more FCC interference, or corporate politics to stifle playlists and creativity by DJ's.

Houston is still talking about Rock 101 KLOL even 8 years after it's demise and are clammoring for it's return. This is your chance to be part of something very big in the Houston area.

We are looking for local Houston DJ's to fill slots as non paid interns, that will garner experience and exposure that will lead to either a paid position with Rock 101 KLOL or paid positions with other online or terrestrial stations.

Live broadcasts are set to begin Nov. 12th 2012 on the 8th anniversary of the terrestrial stations demise. You may tune into our test stream to listen to some songs that will be played by our DJ's @ http://www.Rock101KLOL.com/


- Broadcast music in accordance with the stations format. (Rock/Classic Rock) Playlists will be up to DJ's within the format.
- Announce News, Sports, Traffic reports.
- Take skype call-ins during the radio show
- Accept requests and play accordingly with dedications at times. (Depending on time slot)

Our station is marketed for Houston, Texas, USA

Applicants must be in Houston, Texas or surrounding area and have intimate knowledge of Houston, Texas.


Applicants can be Male or Female 18 years old and up.

Applicants must own and be able to broadcast with the software package Sam Broadcaster and be able to play station idents at perscribed times. (Top of the hour, 15, 30, 45) idents will be provided by Rock 101 KLOL.

Applicants must possess an adequate music library that fits the stations format. Rock 101 KLOL does NOT supply any musical content.

Experience in broadcasting or broadcast training from an accredited broadcasting program/school.

Good speaking voice; comfortable with microphone; communications skills & love of rock & roll are a MUST!


Applicants are not mere presenters of music and should be able to introduce entertaining content in their show. A laugh and a smile go a long way.

Additional duties may include:
• Introducing or reading public service announcements
• Making special public appearances on behalf of the station
• Acting as a disc jockey in a professional manner

For more information call 832.390.5542 or drop us an E-Mail @ dj@rock101klol.com

A short recorded demo will be required for all applicants.

If you feel like you can contribute to our Radio Station please contact us immediately!

Thank you, & good luck!

Heath Bilbrey
Program Director
Rock 101 KLOL
Houston's Rock Station
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New Age Radio
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New Age Radio is in search of N.A.R.D.J.s

The station that's "Playin' the Hits with No Limits" is on the hunt for New Age Radio Disc Jockeys. Our station plays Adult Contemporary Music (AC) 24/7 via live streaming. Your program will be live for the world to hear. Lots of slots available. Here are your requirements:

*Computer Desktop or Laptop with at least 2 GBs of RAM
*Broadband or DSL internet connection
*Solid library of at least 1000 songs (and growing) that fit the AC format.
*Professional attitude and team player.

This of course is a non-paying gig, but there is the possibility of making some money in the future. Right now, it's about the passion to be part of something new and making something of it.

Interested, please contact me NewAgeRadio.Manager@gmail.com

Thanks for reading.

Station Manager
New Age Radio
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Hey Everyone,

My Name is Johnie and Own and Run Flipside Radio Network. We are a huge station built out of RI and Southern Mass. We are currently looking for Rock & Metal Shows. We are also looking for Variety shows and/or morning shows.

We are multi-Genres and rank #25 in the country among 2180 stations on the internet that play Top 40.

Please email me if you are interested in coming to Flipside Radio, and check out the site at www.flipsideradionetwork.com We are 100% Legal and Licensed. Fully backed by ASCAP, SESAC.

*With your email please include any samples of past shows and a basic bio of your show including any other info on your experience.

Thank You
Johnie Armani
Flipside Radio Network
DreamTheme Productions
SoundBites Magazine
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Brutish Sailor
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Looking for dJ's for a Dubstep/Hardhouse/Drum and Bass station

Im looking for people that share a passion for Hardhouse, Drum N bass, and Dubstep. I'm small, I keep it real. Right now, Its just me, and I don't really care how professional/unprofessional you are.

Features include-

-Great bandwidth, and a clean jitter free hosted stream
-Im legal under DMCA requirements/JLA licensed. If your American, legal head at ease.
-Im not very serious or professional at all. You feel like running a show? Go for it. Wanna do -it primetime? Go for it. Wanna run a stream at 32kbps mono because you cant figure out how to stream an AAC+ codec? Screw it, why not.
- Dont want to worry about commitment? Perfect. try it, and if you dont dig it, walk away. Im not that guy that gets bitter. Even if you decide to go do an independent project. Im realistic. This is a hobby. Do what you got to do player.
- Different language? No problem, Im from San Diego, CA, and I speak 3. Not your language? Thats what google translate is for.
- You don't pay a dime. I got high quality stuff, and you got it made. No required commercials, nothing of that nature. I goof.
- Im willing to take time to explain the ropes.

If your that guy thats browsing over this stuff debating if you should contact one of these guys, Im probably the station your looking for guy> I'm good at this BS because I've had my hobby for a minute or 2.

A lot more features I haven't mentioned. I'm not a centova user, and its to your advantage.


No need for long winded who I am. I have done this alone for a while, and honestly, I am sharing because I'm bored doing it alone. I want to share in my love of music with other broadcasters.
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Cult Radio A-Go-Go! Looking For Hosts!

We are Cult Radio A-Go-Go! and are located in Palmdale, Ca.*We are 24/7 and a LIVE streaming station NOT a podcast. We do NOT offer podcasts or archived downloads of our host radio shows. We are automated Sun-Fri but run a schedule of first run exclusive hosted genre radio shows on Saturdays. The Saturday block is called "The Cult Radio Snack Bar" or "The CRSB" for short. We maintain a old retro theme that we broadcast from an abandoned old drive-in movie theater located between Hollywood and Vegas.

The word "CULT" refers to our retro genres that have a CULT following as in movies, TV and music AKA Cult Movie, B-Movies, Classic TV and OLD TIME Radio ETC. not a religious cult.

We have a few running characters or station mascots which are "CRAGG THE GARGOYLE" the symbol of the station, Wicked Kitty, The Studio Cat, Hal 9000 and Marvin the on-board station computers that operates our network. We also have a couple of fictional radio characters which are Carlos, The Gate Leaper, Kookshow Baby and Wicked Kitty the host (not the cat) who are on air occasionally.

We are entering our 11th year on the Internet and before that aired on the air over terrestrial AM/FM radio. We are the winner of the first awarded Rondo award for Horror & Halloween or Sci-Fi related audio. Our main genres are retro pop culture and oldies (which includes funk), old time radio, retro TV, Drive-In Movies which include Horror/Sci-Fi, etc, corny drive-in movie snack bar/educational film audio, comedy and spoken word.

My daughter and I host CRAGG LIVE for 4 hours every Saturday night and this currently is our ONLY live show. We would consider a live re-lay if you have the technology and experience! We play music with featured pop culture interviews with known retro celebrities from music, film, TV & more. Anything that is retro pop culture and a few odd balls are thrown in for comedy value.

We are currently looking for 30 minutes but would consider sixty minutes as we are thinking about possibly starting our own radio show at 6:30 PST rather then 6:00 pm PST like it is now. If you joined us you would start in mid or late October at 5:30 pm PST Los Angeles time. We don't have an opening until then.

We are non profit and can not pay hosts.

Our submission for shows is by the uploader at the bottom of our website or by Dropbox due every week by 6:00 am Thursday mornings in a single file .mp3/.mp4/Wave/WMA of at least 128k or more preferably. We do accept 64k if necessary as we broadcast in 64k stereo but nothing under. We only offer one stream.

Our hosts communicate on Twitter, G+ and Radio Flag. We have our own FREE iPhone app and carried on MANY others apps!*We are heard on smart phones, stand alone Wi-Fi audio devices like the Chumby/Sony Dash and on on TV sets through Apple TV units and VIZIO HD TV sets via the popular Tune-In Radio app.

We are on Shoutcast & have solid long standing signed radio contracts with Microsoft and Apple being carried as radio partners in iTunes and Windows Media Player. We are seen in "Internet Radio" under News/Talk in iTunes and under Misc in Windows Media Player.

We are carried by at least 12 other carriers that you can see at the very TOP of our web page including the new Radio Flag where our show hosts are encouraged to communicate with listeners via flags which are much like tweets on Twitter.

We can provide more details by e-mail:

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scheMaticsFM looking for dubstep/bass/dnb/downtempo, forward-thinking DJ's to fill some slots in the upcoming future.

Short and sweet - check out http://schematics.net.nz/ or https://www.facebook.com/scheMaticsNZ and if you think you could contribute drop me a line @ scandaltastic@gmail.com or hit us up on Facebook.
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Seeking Oldies DJ's

Good day !

Have you always wanted to try your hand at being a online DJ ?

Do you love Oldies music ?

Do you have a fast PC and a reliable mic ?

Do you have a large Oldies MP3 collection ?

If you have answered yes to these questions , then quite possibly you might be able to come on board with BullsEye Radio - All Oldies all the time !

BullsEye Radio has been on air since 2007 playing the greatest hits of all time. We are as close to FM radio as you can get , without all the corporate involvement !

BullsEye Radio is very interactive with it's listeners and that is a major part of our success. Just look at the front page of our site by doing a Google Search for " BullsEye Radio " and look at our site. You will see a very well maintained , very informative and very interactive site.

At the bottom of the page you'll see something we are very proud of.
A celebrity slideshow of actors , bands , actresses , singers , all that took the time to listen to BullsEye Radio and send us a 8X10 autograph for our home studio wall.

Not alot of internet radio stations on the web today have the gumption that we have to succeed.
Most of the stations are local to their buddys and pals on the web and really dont take notice of the world around them that may be listening in as well.

We always make sure as a worldwide broadcasting Oldies internet station, that we pay special attention to those that might be tuned in from all over the world.

If your looking to really get involved with a station that wants to succeed and is 150% professional without all the typical drama that usually goes with being involved in internet radio and chatrooms , then by all means contact us to arrange an interview with DJ Princess , our station manager. The email address is on the site.

At BullsEye Radio , there is no one star , we are all stars and it is teamwork.
When a spoke in the teamwork wheel breaks and develops an ego , that puts a kink in the team , and well to be frank , we just dont need ego's ! We need team players !

This position is voluntary only , however we hope one day to be able to offer a pay to our on air talent, and I am 100% sure that this will happen one day.
We just have not reached there yet , but rest assure , we are on that path !

Contact us today and join a team of internet radio professionals !

BullsEye Radio - When you want the best , Aim for the BullsEye !
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Xtreme Octane Radio,is fast growing up and coming radio station,Broadcasting all over the internet and also F.M. out of Wisconsin.We are currently looking for Air talent to run there shows the way they want with full creative control! No drama,No games,No B.S. We are professionals with over 12+ years of experience. Bottom line,bring whatever to the table..say what you want, do what you want...we have Tons of slots to fill...if interested email me petervann76@yahoo.com...and we will go from there..thanks..look forward to hearing from you guys!
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RiffRadio is looking for DJs

RiffRadio .co .cc aka www. riffradio . yolasite . com is looking for On-Air personalities. If you are interested in joining the crew please send us an e-mail to riffradio99@gmail.com
We accept Djs that play any genre from Rock to Hi-Hop to Dubstep to Metal...anything.
We also accept DJs of any experience. Even if you are just starting out or if you have been doing it for years we will take you So please if your interested shoot us an email to riffradio99@gmail.co

Ryan Fitz

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We are an Up and Coming New Station looking for DJ Talent. This Station will Launch in January 2013. It is non-paying Station. We will play the following, rock, Classic Rock, 80's, 90's, Current and Classic Country, Contemporary Christian, Alternative. Basically anything but hardcore rap and classical. DJ's control their playlists and shows. There is Live Chat on the website, it is being built as we speak. SAM Broadcaster Needed. All time slots available and will be staffing for January Opening. Please contact: kaptainkrazy@1krazynation.com

Thank You and look forward to hearing from you. Trainees with SAM are welcome.
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Originally Posted by DJ SHAKEDOWN View Post
Hello I'am DJ SHAKEDOWN I dj house and electro and would love a Friday , Saturday, or Sunday mix show slot.
Friday-anytime after 7pm
Weekends anytime after 1pm
I click on the address but comes up not found.
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DJs/Presenters wanted

Woofer Radio are a licensed online station looking for DJ's/Presenters.

We play old school R&B, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz-Funk from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.
We also have specialist shows for Reggae and Gospel music which air twice a week.

Slots are available as we try to migrate from music only to music with a human presence (not necessarily live).

You will need:

To be 18+

Your own music library (mp3's)

A fast computer, decent mic and reliable internet connection.

To be professional and committed.

To be a fun person.

We're based in London, England but you could be anywhere on the planet, just as long as you can communicate in English and your music does the rest of the talking.

Shows can be live or pre-recorded, you set your content.

If interested, please email: station@wooferradio.com for more information and include any samples of your work (or links to them) along with a simple bio.

It's not a paid gig, just a fun gig. But we aim to grow.

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101.2 The Mix Is Looking For Dj's

101.2 The Mix is looking for volunteer dj's for this great internet radio station. We use Sams broadcaster only.
We are a mixed genre station.

All Times Open Is in Eastern Standard Time

12am to 3am
3am to 6am
6am to 9am

12 am to 3am
3am to 6am
6am to 9am

3am to 6am

3am to 6am
6am to 9am

12am to 3am
3am to 6am
6am to 9am

3am to 6am
9am to Noon

3am to 6am
9am to Noon

If interested in Any Of These Times Please contact me at
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gazfm radio station looking for DJs

Soul Radio Station for the discerning listener including Deep Soul, 2-Step, Northern, Modern, Ultra-Modern with a bit of Disco and Smooth-Jazz thrown in.

gazfm is a non-profit web only Soul radio station. We're looking for DJs to help run the station, let us know if you are interested in contributing. You could have your own weekly show or just provide recommendations for choons to play.

Have a look at http://www.facebook.com/gazfm or http://www.twitter.com/_gazfm

See you there!
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Nvasion Radio
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Rock Station looking to fill up the DJ schedule!

We are looking for DJs to come aboard at Nvasion Radio. We are a rock station playing everything rock. From alternative to metal and everything in between. We are on iTunes, Tunein app on Android and iPhone phones, and a few other places.
We have a dedicated listener base and the numbers keep going up!

We are looking for DJs for all days and times (experienced is preferred but we will train).

Check out the station at www.nvasionradio,com

Then if you are interested, please email me at valwing76@gmail.com
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Radiorockcafe looking for Presenters! (video platform)

Good day.

Our station is a registered company in the province of Quebec in Canada and we are in our 5th year of bringing the best in mainstream and "Nu" ROCK/METAL music.

We are a client of SOCAN (legal Canadian broadcaster) and are looking for a few people to join our VIDEO broadcasting team.

Although this is an UNPAID position, you will be joining a very supportive and hardworking team.

Our team is small, as we value quality over quantity. We also host our own servers(web, shoutcast and video)

- Broadcast music in accordance with the format of the broadcast.
- Discusses subjects of related interest with guests on the chat system and/or skype call-ins and/or messenger type services (msn,yahoo,icq) during the broadcast.
- Entertain the audience with quality content

Geographical Location:
Our station is located in Montreal, Canada and we have hosts from Canada, the US and England.

Applicants can come from anywhere around the world and broadcast in their timezone.

We currently have listeners/viewers/chatters from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, South America and Germany

- Must be 18 years +
- Fast computer that will be able to handle the video broadcasting software AND the audio broadcasting software.
- Broadcast microphone
- Mixer
- Applicants must possess adequate musical library for the format of his/her radio broadcast.
- Well maintained file naming convention with correct ID3 tags. (artist name, song title, album name .. at minimum)
- Although Radiorockcafe is licensed with the "Majors" we do NOT supply any musical content/material to the hosts unless otherwise permitted.
- Applicants must be familiar with software packages like Simplecast, Sam Broadcaster or any program that allows broadcasting on the internet.
- Applicants must be familiar with one of the following : FMLE, XSplit, Wirecast
- Experience in broadcasting helpful, but not required.
- Good speaking voice; comfortable with microphone; communications skills and love of music are a MUST.

For more information drop us a line recruiting@radiorockcafe.com

A short demo recording of you will be required.

Thank you!

BeN - Program Director
The BEST music you never heard
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Send a message via ICQ to TrexRadio Send a message via Yahoo to TrexRadio
CrossFire-Radio is currently looking for Daytime DJs.
Between the hours of 7am - 1pm (est) (1am - 7am are also available)
We are an all variety station.
We have been running for 7 years.

Must be 18+ yrs of age.
Position is volunteer only.
Minimum of atleast 2 hour show 2 times a week.
We do NOT do syndicated shows. All shows are live.

Provide your own music.
Minimum amount of songs atleast 700
Variety of Genre's
Familiar with SAM Broadcaster
Ability to edit files
Ability to multitask
Ability to record and save file(s) as MP3
Headset or stand alone microphone.
PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7
DSL or Higher internet connection
Yahoo Messenger
Team Viewer
Common Sense

Use our DJ Application to submit your request to DJ at CrossFire-Radio

DJ Fire - CEO
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100.6 The Hitz Channel Looking For DJ's

100.6 The Hitz Channel Currently is looking for volunteer DJ's that can produce a GREAT show!

We broadcast on a bitrate of 128, and we broadcast multiple platforms all over the globe, since October, we have gained over 45,000 listeners!

- Good Quality Microphone
- Knows how to use external broadcasting software(SAM Broadcaster, etc.)
- Can broadcast on a weekly basis and be consistent
- Is familiar with Top 40 Music and trending artists.
- Uses proper grammar, and works well with a live streaming chat
- Interacts with listeners via chat room
- Reliable internet capabilities.
- Can attend regular network meetings via Facebook,Skype,etc.

Current Time Slots Open:

All Times In Eastern Standard Time.

1:00pm - 2:00pm
2:00pm - 4:00pm
4:00pm - 6:00pm
6:00pm - 7:00pm
10:00pm- 11:00pm

1:00pm - 2:00pm
2:00pm - 4:00pm
4:00pm - 6:00pm
6:00pm - 7:00pm
10:00pm- 11:00pm

1:00pm - 2:00pm
2:00pm - 4:00pm
4:00pm - 6:00pm
6:00pm - 7:00pm
10:00pm- 11:00pm

Apply via Google Form
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SkunkRadio.net is looking for DJs!

all timeslots available, we're a brand new station looking for people who can help us build a community!

send me a message through my website or our facebook page if you're interested
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looking for day time djs GMT time

Welcome and thanks for reading
we at audibility radio are currently looking for dj to cover our daytime slots from home all slots are 2hours and all daytime hours are currently free so if you think you have a show in the uk or usa people need to hear drop us a line we accept all music genre including talk we are a uk based station so we do run on GMT time format so if you are from the usa please let us know what slot you would like in GMT.
What we are looking for
. English speaking dj or host
. Any music genre
. Reliable djs or host
. Day time home djs
. Must not swear on air
If this is something you would like to be part of let us know
Contact email :martin.audibility@gmail.com
Martin Kinsella
Audibility limited
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Lateshiftgn is looking for DJ's

we are a new station and hope to become big.
we need to fill all the time slot's time are 24/7 are open.
we are look for hip-hop DJ's.
if you want to DJ for us email DJ@lateshiftgn.com
the time zone we are in is EST.
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Here's a "Help wanted" ad that's easy to read lol..

WE ARE: Electronic/Dance, Rock, Classic Rock, Hip Hop and CHILLOUT

YOU ARE: A DJ....and someone who is in it for the FUN of it.

We just launched and are serious about making this work. If you are too, GET IN TOUCH!

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Send a message via AIM to calegendre Send a message via Yahoo to calegendre

We are Itsyourradio, and we're planning an all-new line up to start mid-summer!

We're looking for new shows (preferably live) to join the lineup. Starting out, your position is voluntary, but with a potential for a paycheck & future sponsorships if your show becomes popular!

DJs, talk show hosts, etc are all welcome. We want a wide variety of shows, to be able to properly cover everything out there. We want all the hosts to be able to flow together nicely as well, as we will be working to be as much of a "family" as possible.

If you're interested, please have knowledge of SAM Broadcaster (or decent equivalent) software (and have a copy installed on your system), and we'll give you account details which provides you with a phone number for call-ins and other features. Contact us via email at stationx@acast.us

We are excited about this new summer line-up we're working on -- and we want to see some awesome new faces on our banners! We will be reworking the whole schedule, which means that almost all time-slots will be open, times are negotiable....all the hosts are wanting to try new time slots!

Thank you for your time,
CA Legendre
IYR Radio Staff
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tori phoenix
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We are The Indie Authority , The Authority on Indie music worldwide

How many people out there LOVE to listen to Music? Have you heard of the The Indie Authority yet? If not, check it out. It is where great music, WORLDWIDE is being played RIGHT NOW without all the annoying pesky commercials.

Currently we are seeking LIVE Radio DJ's who have a passion for Indie Music like we do here at The Indie Authority.

For more information on how you can be a part of this dynamic team please e-mail the following information to submit@theindieauthority.com


along with a sound check and some information on your show. Please put in the subject line - Indie Authority DJ Interest.

Thank you and enjoy your day.
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blaze106 looking for deejays

we are a radio station on blaze106.com based in england.. we are 24 hours a day, listed on the tunein app too just search blaze106..

im steve the station manager....

our aim is to get to a point where we can allocate people login details to our server to broadcast from their own home..... untill we get to this level we are trying to buld up a big following....

we are looking for ANY kind of urban sets... to be pre recorded and hosted, with you or your boy talking , shouting out our website, twitter facebook, aswell as obviously self promotion your own thing....

sets have to be in hour segments , NO LESS THAN 60MIN , AND NO MORE THAN 63

sets will be two hours , if your require longer holla at me and we can talk ...

if anyones interested hit me up at blaze106online @ gmail.com and ill hit you with all the details....

so you know its all legit checkout the station. blaze106.com
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East Manchester Radio We are currently looking for a number of DJ's to fill slots We are based in the UK.
We play all Genre 70's, 80's,90`s 00`s Funk, Soul, Disco, RnB, rock, pop Anything It`s down to you.
There is a Chat room onsite so you can interact with The Listener`s in there.Looking for live shows And pre recorded as well.
Contact us here jasonkenny5@hotmail.com
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Talk/Comedy Co-Hosts Wanted via Mumble to add to the adult talk show conversation.

Friday 8-11 EST.

Must have very good audio and connection.
No lag or laptop mic crap accepted.
Oh please be funny. That helps.

Send a private message. TY

The Social Crime Radio Network
We're what's wrong with America...
24/7 Standup and a live show Thursdays.
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We are currently searching for new dj's and a promotions manager..email inksterdj@yahoo.com and check us out at inked-radio.com
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Are you sick of drama in the internet radio world? Come join us today.We are Drama Free. We here at flint town rock radio Are looking for new Dj's to come help us out. We are looking for fresh faces! We do not pay. We stream at 96kbs/44.1kkhz. We play Classic Rock & Rock, metal and indie If you are interested, please email me at forkmanz@yahoo.com.au Thank You For reading this.

We are a small Station as of right now. We are perfect if you are Looking for a place to just relax. Now don't get me wrong. Our main goal is to make this station Large and in charge. However we need you're help first. Our schedule is pretty much wide open right now. So time slots shouldn't be a problem.

Corey aka DJ Forkman
Owner / DJ

Here are the requirements.

Ø You must be 18+
Ø Windows Xp or Higher
Ø 512mb's of ram or Higher
Ø 1.0 GHZ Cpu or Higher
Ø Dedicated Cable or high speed internet
Ø MP3's about 500 songs in our genre
Ø Team viewer
Ø Skype
Ø Yahoo
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