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Low volume after playing midi

I've recently installed Winamp on my dad's computer and decided to play an old playlist that I used to listen to on my own desktop computer. It's a playlist that contains mostly SPC (SNES music) files but also 1 MIDI.
Winamp plays the SPC files perfectly. However, when Winamp plays the MIDI, the volume suddenly becomes very low. If I look at the mixer in Windows, it seems that Winamp's volume is suddenly 14% of the master volume!

It stays this way, even after playing the MIDI. So, anything it plays afterwards is also at 14% volume. I have to manually pull Winamp's volume back up to 100%. (And after that, put my master volume back to the desired level.) I've never experienced this on my own desktop computer.

Dad's computer:
Windows 7 x86
Winamp 5.58
Plugins: SNESamp and Win7 taskbar
"HD Audio Device" with generic Windows drivers, but I suspect it's a Realtek audio device.

So, the question is obvious. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
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Ugh, now I feel stupid. I fixed my own problem just a minute after posting it.
I thought of just messing around with the MIDI settings in Winamp. I first thought it might be futile, but I convinced myself it's better than doing nothing.
So, what I did was change the device to "DirectMusic / Microsoft Synthesizer (with output)", and all problems were solved!

So, I don't need a solution anymore. Though, I am still curious why the old midi device changes the volume and why the new one doesn't. So that question still stands =)
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For others reading this thread. The 'DirectMusic / Microsoft Synthesizer (with output)' option can be found in the MIDI plug-in (as Tanksenior mentioned)...
Winamp > Ctrl+P (for Preferences) > Plug-ins > Input > double click 'Nullsoft MIDI Player' > Device Tab > select from the Device: drop-down menu

"DirectMusic / Microsoft Synthesizer (with output)" uses software emulation of MIDI instruments instead of using the sound card's built-in MIDI support. This effectively allows Winamp's volume control for the playback of MIDI files instead of altering the system's MIDI volume, MIDI device volume or the Winamp volume in the Windows mixer (Vista/Win7).

There is another setting to prevent the altering of the MIDI volume or the Windows mixer. See DJ Egg's reply from a older thread...


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This might be a stupid question, but where can I find the midi options? I don't see them anywhere.

Edit: Now I feel stupid aswell, found the options at the Midi Plugin. Thanks for the fix.

PS: I never had this problem until I downloaded the newest version today(had the second to newest before that), isn't that strange?
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You no stupid! You helped me!!!
thank yous! I resolved this ploblem in this post!
I had no solution before this to see this post! Thank you!
(Forgive me, I wrote this text tried no have use tradutor kk!)
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