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Album Organization?

Hi everyone, I'm very new to Winamp and this is my first post so please be patient with me.

I imported stuff from itunes,and I was happy to see some most albums had the right information. I do have quite a few albums though. I imported one album titled "Gorillaz" by artist of the same name, and it has 19 tracks. it was separated into three or four different albums with the same name, the artist and few other contributors. I was able to narrow it down to two albums and then I'm trying to merge those two into one album, but they wont come together and form one album. I looked at the information for all of the tracks, and they are all the same, but it still manages to stay into two separate albums.Can anyone help me fix this?
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A lot will depend on how you have the tags filled in.

The two main fields you will be interested in are Artist and AlbumArtist.
Artist = the individual Track Artist.
AlbumArtist = an overall description for the Album. e.g. Various Artists, Bob Marley and Friends, Compilation etc.

If AlbumArtist is missing then Artist gets used instead.
Setting at Prefs > Local Media > Watch Folders > ...

The Album Art window is stricter about redundent spaces than the others, so make sure AlbumTitle, and AlbumArtist are exactly the same for each track.
This is easilly done from the Media Library by selecting the relevent files and then 'Edit Metadata ... '(with Update). You can fill in/check these fields, click OK, and all the files will now have exactly the same details.
Don't select or put anything in the 'Artist' field in this case.

See what you can figure from that. Post back if you're still stuck.

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Also, I want to chime in.

If you let iTunes "manage your music for you," then that's the reason everything's scattered about. I once installed iTunes and it DESTROYED my folder heirarchy. I spent a couple weekends fixing that one. In some instances, just deleting entire artist discography's and reloading them was easier than trying to reorganize and rename it all.

It's especially bad when you've got electronic music and movie soundtracks because of the various artist names. If every artist contributed a unique song to the album then it's fine, but that doesn't happen most of the time. It's usually a mix of already released material.

Word to the wise: don't let iTunes manage your music [unless your comfortably nestled within the Apple ecosystem].
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