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New thought on video tearing/win7

Hi I still use Winamp 5.56 because every Windows 7 compliant version since causes video tearing for me. I run a dual screen, one LCD and one LCDTV.

Now is it possible when you changed the way the hardware overlay option could cause a problem when one monitor (LCD) is at 59Hz and the LCDTV is at 60Hz?

With Winamp 5.56 no tearing looks Fantastic and since MS put out a bunch of compatibility patches it never crashes now :-)

I think this may be a Win7 dual screen issue.
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Not sure it is limited to Win 7. I have the same set-up...dual display, one LCD monitor and one HDTV (both at 60Hz), but windows XP Pro.

Any version > 5.56 gives bad tearing on video displayed on the HDTV. 5.56 gives only minor tearing on milkdrop vis, and clear video. Can't seem to get the milkdrop frame rate to sync with the TV @ 60hz. It's always running variable...50....60....70. Even setting frame rate to 30 max, then it wants to run 24...26...28, etc. Finally, after waiting most of this year for at least a video fix, I downgraded back to 5.56 because I was going cross-eyed watching the jaggy video.
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Yep they have ignored this one

They say the hardware overlay setting they hardcoded is the same. I think they are BS'n us.
I don't think they care anymore.

This issue happened ever since winamp became win7 compliant lol. Maybe they really don't know what they are doing who knows AOL ruins all it touches.

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