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Best Plug-ins?

Are there any good threads out there about the best, most useful, or most recommended plug-ins for winamp? I tried using the search function to no avail. Perhaps some of you will feel inclined to post your favorite plug-ins or links to previous discussions about this topic.
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Indispensable is the Ultimate Media Library Plug in

Version 1.19

Version 1.20
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Ultimate ML plugin is a little more than i need personally, but I've been using a slew of DrO, Joonas, and shaneh plugins for years; many of which are available in Winamp Essentials (check the current release thread) others you can find at http://nunzioweb.com/daz/ and http://nunzioweb.com/joonas/. CD Menu Tweaker, Album Art, Drag 'n Drop from Playlist, Find File On Disk, Mouse Wheel Blocker, Lite'n Winamp Preferences, One for Nunz, Skin Manager, Tagger, Taskbar Text Mod, Playlist Undo, Windows 7 Taskbar Integration, ML Bookmark Categoriser, ML Enqueue and Play, ML iPod, MLFind, and I also use ActiveWinamp to extend things a little further via scripting (Winamp Party Shuffle! ).
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Thanks for the input, Joel and Osmosis. I checked the Winamp Essentials sticky before creating this thread, but the last update on it was over 3 years ago so I wanted to get some fresh opinions about favorite and most useful plug-ins.

The current release thread you were talking about, is that the link in the Winamp Essentials sticky?

I'm going to check out those websites you listed.
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My favourites are:
MEXP (http://mexp.dk/): the best music library of all time, now freeware and open source
AlbumList (http://albumlist.sourceforge.net/)
SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output
Winamp Essentials
DrO's Winamp Plug-ins (http://nunzioweb.com/daz/index.html)
Enhancer 0.17
The Brain (http://www.winamp.com/plugin/the-brain/125483) an early software from the facebook founders
Minilyrics (http://www.crintsoft.com/) the best lyrics plugin available
Streamripper (http://streamripper.sourceforge.net/)
DSD-Jukebox (http://www.dsd-jukebox.de/pages/allgemein.html) Winamp-based Jukebox (in german)
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Current release of Winamp (now 5.6!) thread always has the current Winamp Essentials release along with it as the second or third post. Koopa (Chris) does a great job keeping it up to date with all the latest builds of the most indespensible plugins.
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Wurlitzer, thanks for commenting, I am going to check 'em out.

Ozzy, do you know of any good equalizer plug ins? The default equalizer ain't bad, but it would be nice to have a wider range with more intervals.
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Nah never been something I was interested in, so I'll leave it for someone else to comment on. Could always see what's best rated on winamp.com
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Due to the bad rap some 3rd party plug-ins, in particular, and all 3rd party plug-ins, in general, are currently getting in some areas of the forums, I decided to bump this old thread and list those I currently use. I use them occasionally or with every WA session and think they are the best (since I use them).

Most of the following are no longer being developed, but can be used with a few simple work-arounds (for saving their configuration changes).

Matrix Mixer v0.9.163c (Output front-end for Nullsoft DirectSound Output v2.6 (d) that allows for upsampling bit depth and/or frequency and/or upmixing channels generated by input plug-ins)
SqrSoft® Advanced Crossfading v1.7.6.1179 (Output)
Classic Spectrum Analyzer v1.0.0.0 (Visualization)
Mojo Master Visualizer v1.0.0.26 (Visualization)
iZotope Ozone v1.0.0.5 (DSP)
Windows 7 Taskbar Integration v2.0 (General Purpose)

The following were developed or enhanced by DrO (gap filler extraordinaire). A few need minor updates and the features of others are expanding.

Jump to Track v1.5 (General Purpose)
Jump To File Extra v1.2.5 (General Purpose)
OS Pos Restorer v2.11 (General Purpose)
Skin Manager v1.0.1 (General Purpose)
Taskbar Text Mod v2.0.1 (General Purpose)
Playlist Undo v1.1 (General Purpose)
Yar-matey! Playlist Copier v1.11 (General Purpose)
ML Enqueue and Play v2.0.1 (Media Library)
Jump To File Extra v1.2.5 (Media Library)

What 3rd party plug-ins do you use?

Winamp Pro 5.666.3516 fully-patched - Komodo X Touchscreen by Victhor skin
Windows 10 Home 64-bit desktop - Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system
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Hello everyone,
I myself have some 3rd party plugins like in the posts above, but I have also many other 3rd party plugins. Especially some of them are very nice for me, and I don't want to miss them, but they all are very useful for me.
I prefer to get the 3rd party plugins directly from the author's websites, if possible, and many of them (but not all) are from here:
Because I cannot go to Windows Explorer to open my TXT-File during the scan of Antivir now (it will need 5 hours), I recommend to read my notices in my musician page "Sternenmaschinebine" and my personal profile "Sabine Klare" in Facebook, and You can get my TXT-Files from Mediafire. Alternatively You can read my latest Devious Journal in deviantART, where I have also my very nice Deviations. Here I have the link to my profile:
PS, I have destroyed one of my 3rd party plugins during the adding of all the other languages directly by the installer setup (You can read about this problem also here, please scroll down):
I'm choosing the 3rd party plugins very carefully, at first I'm reading all recensions before the downloading and installing, because I don't want to have a "Winamp Crasher Plugin" on my PC...
Greetings from Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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Playlist Undo
ML Enqueue and Play
Winamp Color Editor

I'm looking for a good explorer plugin, but most of the stuff is a bit disappointing...
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