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Winamp Media Library issue

Basically, I updated winamp to 5.62 a couple of days ago, and when I booted the player up today, I found this:

The entire Media library portion of the player is useless, as instead of showing a playlist or a browser, all it does is show a blank grey spot. It still plays music just fine, but it can't access any playlists or the library, which pretty much makes it useless for my needs.

As far as I can tell, I am not using any external plugins beyond what is included in the installer.

OS: Windows 7 home Premium
Direct X ver: 11
Winamp ver: 5.621
Winamp install ver: Full
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Although we still don't know what causes this to happen, the solution is available in the FAQ

Grey/blank Local Media views in Media Library

You will need to close Winamp, delete main.idx, reopen Winamp and do a rescan
(see above threads for details).

I recommend using the WInamp Backup Tool to make regular backups, just incase it should ever reoccur
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Yeah, it works now, though it seems to do so by deleting my entire playlist. Oh well, no big loss. Thanks for the help.
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i've never seen this, and i have 50k tracks. do u guys have a theory on this issue? it seems to be the biggest "critical" known one out there.

my guess is that these folks share some kind of plugin or config that stresses the DB in ways it can't cope with, but i don't know how you would figure that out.

there must be some kind of DB debugging you could add to winamp, so the app could detect when this happens, and report back to you pertinent info about the setup so you could fix this, right?

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