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Mouseover (aka Tooltip) Malfunction for Album Title below icon in Album Art pane.

Usually, the tooltip reveals the album title when it is too long to appear below the icon.
However, sometimes the title is not revealed when it should be. I believe this happens when a variable spaced font is used in the Media Library.
To reproduce:
1. Create 3 files tagged with Album Art and with the the same artist (say "zzz").
-1st with Album tag = Should Be Tooltip Here
-2nd with Album tag = 1Should Be Tooltip Here
-3rd with Album tag = 12Should Be Tooltip Here
2. Select "Times New Roman" (a variable-spaced font) for the Media Library. That really means selecting the font for the Playlist Editor and electing to use the same font in the ML.
3. Observe the Album Titles in the Album Art pane using large icons. The titles will not be displayed when moused over, even though they are truncated.

Not exactly an earth-shattering problem, but still an annoyance.
If the font is changed to "Consolas" (mono-spaced), the tooltip works properly.

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huh. this is why i usually stick to defaults in winamp. but i agree, BUG!

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