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Acer media keys not working properly with Winamp


I have an old Acer Aspire 5630 laptop which has media keys :

My problem is that those media keys are not working properly. Even though Winamp support of global & media hotkeys is enabled, when nothing is playing and I press play/pause, it's like I double-pressed it : the track plays for not even a second before pausing itself.

The Stop key is the only one working properly, but the more problematic to me are the forward and backward ones : when I press them, it indeed goes forward or backward on the playlist, however they skip 12 tracks. When I'm on the first track of the playlist and press forward, it goes to the 13th track, if I press again it goes to the 25th etc. and you can hear glitches of the first micro-seconds of some songs that are in between but not all of them just one or two.

The volume up/down buttons work but control only Windows volume, not Winamp. It doesn't bother me, but I thought I should mention it.

My OS is Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3, and I'm running Winamp 5.621.
Windows Media Player is completely disabled (went to the control panel, add/remove programs, add/remove Windows components and unchecked WMP).

The keyboard is working otherwise perfectly which is why I find it unlikely but not impossible that it would come from the hardware. So if someone had the same problem, or knows how I can rule out hardware malfunction...

Please help me, it's driving me crazy !
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Batter Pudding
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Search the plugins for "keyboard" and you will see a number of plugins that give you more control over the media keys on some keyboards.

I can't tell you which do and don't work so start by reading the reviews.
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Did you say you have both 'Enable default multimedia key support' and 'Enabled' options check-marked? That can be counterproductive, as it may cause Winamp to overcompensate with the MM keys.

So try leaving 'Enable default multimedia key support' checked and 'Enabled' unchecked (or vice versa).

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Sista K
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Thank you both for your answers !

Actually I've tried all these combinations and it doesn't change anything, so I left it with both enabled...

@Batter Pudding
Ok, I'll try looking for one of these, see if I can find one specific for my keyboard. Because on my other PC (Windows 7) I have absolutely no problem with the media keys. But of course it's a different keyboard...
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Sista K
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I solved my problem by using a multimedia keys plugin that sets up .exe files pointing to the four main actions (Play/Pause, Stop, Next, Previous), allowing to remap four other media keys via Acer Launch Manager which only accepts .exe files. They are the only ones to be customizable, originally designed for web browser, mail client, etc, circled in green :

So it works for me since I didn't use these ones anyway, even if the specifically designed for media keys are still out of order.
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