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some music not being recognised over wifi, recognised over cable

have winamp (1.2.9) on my phone, (HTC Sensation, rooted) and winamp(5.622) on my laptop(win 7, 64x). i am trying to sync my music by wifi and it tells me that there are ~1600 songs on my phone that are not on my laptop (of ~4000) and the same number of songs on my laptop that are not on my phone. i'm assuming they're the same songs at this point. if i connect the phone by usb and sync it tells me they match up no problem, no changes needed. all the tracks are in mp3 format, although they do come from a variety of different sources, some ripped from cd, some downloaded, i can't particularyly see anything in common. i have tried letting winamp sync all music over wifi but the wifi connection will occasionally drop and it will want to delete some tracks, i've tried letting it delete the tracks and re-sync them (only a few over wifi, rest by cable, would take a day otherwise), problem persists. most of my actual music organisation is done by mediamonkey, but as they are very similar (to the point of having a winamp.exe in the mediamonkey install folder) i wouldn't have thought this would cause issues. seeing as how i installed winamp for the wifi sync it would be nice to have, however I've kept it since because of the constantly present play/pause buttons at the bottom of the screen. at a guess i'd say it's something to do with the tracks. any suggestions?
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