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dubbing track titles

Is there any plugin that allows Winamp to sound a voice track names?
examplea c d c – for those about to rock [we salute you]
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Hi scorpionhitech,

Text to Speech is still not ready for prime time, but there is an old WA plug-in (from 2000) that I play with from time to time. It's speech engine is based on the old Microsoft Agent tech that has been discontinued. Words that the engine doesn't know how to pronounce it spells out or pronounces wrong. You will must likely need to download and install some support files before installing the plug-in.

The plug-in is modeled to simulate a radio program. It should announce the song that is about to play, but it announces the song that just played instead. The speech engine does a good job with English, though the voice sounds like a female robot at times. The pitch/speed of the voice can be altered.

She uses 61 phrases in which the song title, and/or artist, and/or time of day, and/or a name or phrase you provide, are used. All the phrases can be edited. This is good, since you need to edit or replace them to refer to stuff in the past tense, i.e. 'This song is #Title by #Artist' needs to be 'That song was #Title by #Artist'. These phrases can be used in consecutive order between each song played or picked at random. You can also supply a name for the announcer and the radio station which are used in some of the phrases.

Another bug in the plug-in causes WA to frequently advance 2 tracks in a playlist, instead of 1 (even if WA is set for manual playlist advance).

Another thing to be aware of is that the artist and title info is taken from the WA taskbar title string. The plug-in is better able to 'read' this string if the taskbar title scrolling is turned off. Although the results you can get if scrolling is on can be funny at times.

If you want to try it, use the links below to the support files and plug-in. Please install each item in the order listed (the latter items depend on the earlier in order to install correctly).

1) Microsoft Agent Core Components

2) The Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice Text to Speech Engine (English only)

3) Microsoft Agent Characters (You must download "Peedy" the Parrot, which is required by DJamp's default configuration. Look under Downloads.)

4) DJamp v2.0a - A Talking DJ for your Winamp MP3 player

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