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Certain mp3's freeze winamp

Certain mp3's will start to play then immediately freeze the UI, and after the song finishes playing it will not continue on to the next song in the playlist. Basically it still plays the song, but as soon as it starts the UI is broken, and once it's done playing the program is completely locked up.

These are mp3's that used to play fine, but now suddenly do not. It just started recently, I've installed no new hardware or software in months, and I even upgraded winamp to 5.63 after it started happening to make sure it wasn't a version issue (still happens).

It's not something that appears to make sense. It's not only individual mp3's that I have, there are mp3's from the same album as other songs (all of which I converted at the same exact time), that will cause it to freeze, while all other songs from the album play fine.

It is consistent though. If an mp3 freezes it one time, that same mp3 will always freeze it. Any that do not freeze will still not freeze it.

I have a very large library, and I like to shuffle my songs. When it eventually hits one of the 'freezing' one's at random, the playlist stops, and I have no warning until that point unless I'm looking at the UI and watching for it to lock up, and nothing I can do even if I notice it. It's quite annoying.

My only options I see at this point are to go through each song one by one and check if it freezes, to use a different media player (don't wanna do this, I like winamp), or to hope someone on here has any clue why this happens and why it isn't fixed already (the only thing in the update changelogs that seems similar claims to have been fixed in version 5.51).
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Please attach your List of Plugins log

We will also require a link to a sample mp3 which exhibits the problem (see sticky threads).
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upload these problem files to here:


after that, run some thru "mp3val" and see what it says.

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