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Skippy / poor quality HD video playback

I've always had this problem with Winamp so I figure I may as well try to see if I can get it fixed. I'm running Win7 x64 and have the CCCP codec pack installed. Any time I try to play HD video (720p, in the most recent case) the video skips or jerks a bit every second or two. If that's not bad enough it has problems getting the colors right sometimes (picture will be very dark and discolored for 5-10 seconds) and there are graphical errors (small lines protruding from borders around things, etc).

I have the same color issue with smaller resolution videos, but not the skippy/jerky issue. The most recent video I tested that skipped was a 1280x720 H264 MP4. It only used about 10% of my CPU but was still skipping.

...and in going back to test it again I'm only getting the color issue suddenly. So it's inconsistent. No, it's not a CPU or RAM issue because I was monitoring system resources earlier today when it happened. However in trying to play a 1920x1080 H264 video the audio is IMMEDIATELY out of sync.

As far back as I can remember I've always had this skippy video problem ever since I can remember that Winamp was able to play videos. Any thoughts? I'd like to use Winamp for video since I use it for all my audio and it has a much nicer playlist functionality than Media Player Classic, and far better controls for a dual-monitor setup than VLC.
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