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start sc_serv & sc_trans on linux boot up


Anyone knows how to add sc_serv and sc_trans on boot up? I'm using linux CENTOS.

I want the service to start when my unix server reboots instead of I always having to SH into the server and start it up manually.

Thanks in advance!
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You can use a cron job to start these up. Doing a quick search on cron jobs should explain how to do one
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cron job is a scheduled task right? it will not start when the server restarts.

i want shoutcast to start automatically whenever i restart the server. Is that possible?
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There's a reason why the init scripts don't already exist. It's because not all flavors of Linux have the same requirements and setup for at-boot startup. You would need to consult the man-page for your particular flavor of Linux (usually init.d) for how to create your init scripts for the SHOUTcast tools.

There are also many DIY and How-To guides for generic daemon init scripts.


A cron job would kinda work but you also have to realize that just using a cron job to start the SHOUTcast tools would also be a waste of resources to have new instances being started every x minutes/seconds flooding your system with defunct processes. If you really want a quick and dirty solution to your daemon woes then you should take a look at my start/stop scripts I made a while back:

Even if you go with a proper daemon init script it would be a good idea to review the scripts I wrote to see how to generate a PID file so that the system can determine what to do when shutting down as well.
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