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SHOUTcast / Stunnel / SSL Certificate and Domain

Hello Everyone

If you want to configure SHOUTcast with SSL Certificate and domain name stream url instead of ip url, this is what you have to do in order to accomplish this! In my case I have a VPS that has Windows Server 2012 R2 without sound card.

1-You need to open the port that you want to use in your firewall server.
2-Install Winamp
3-Install SHOUTcast dsp
4-Install SHOUTcast dnas serv2
5-Install DirectSound plugin to bypass sound card
6-Install Stunnel
7-Install SSL Certificate
8-Configure port to access domain through that port
9-Configure Stunnel files (config and pem)
Sample Here!
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Interesting but the example doesn't works
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I need to refresh this a bit as I had working stunnel with ShoutCast until newer version of ShoutCast...

It is still fully working for me on version and old

On version and I can access stream on stunnel using IP address but not domain name, so works but https://example.com:8000 doesn't.

In older versions I remember I had to set srcip and dstip to "any" to get it to work but it looks like right this setting doesn't affect anything.

Any ideas ?
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