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ATF syntax problem please

Hi there is some things I misunderstand with ATF syntax, if someone with knowledge could help ? I'm lost, thanks a lot

I have those elements working perfect separatly as PART A & PART B but when I'm making a big string there is syntax errors.

Here you may wanna have a look on what I'm trying to do :



1/ CATEGORY ( Displaying energy level from another software, 1 to 9 in a level bar)

$if(%category%,$ifgreater(%category%,9, ,$repeat(▓,%category%)$repeat(░,$sub(9,%category%))),)

2/ TRACKNUMBER ( I don't need real tracknumbers, here i display another energy tag, more like mouvement, from 1 to 3 up / middle / down)

$if(%tracknumber%,$IfStrEqual(%tracknumber%,01,↗ )
$IfStrEqual(%tracknumber%,02,→ )$IfStrEqual(%tracknumber%,03,↘ ), )

3/ PUBLISHER & YEAR ( Here i display some tag infos i need in a dashboard style)

$if(%publisher%,$ifgreater($strstr(%publisher%,instru),0,i≡ , ), )
$if(%publisher%,$ifgreater($strstr(%publisher%,love),0,♥ , ), )
$if(%genre%,$ifgreater($strstr(%genre%,Kids),0,KID , ), )
$if(%genre%,$ifgreater($strstr(%genre%,Synth),0,SYN , ), )
$if(%genre%,$ifgreater($strstr(%genre%,Folk),0,FOL , ), )
$if(%genre%,$ifgreater($strstr(%genre%,Club),0,CLB , ), )
$if(%year%,%year%, )
$if(%publisher%,$ifgreater($strstr(%publisher%,fun),0,ω , ), )
$if(%publisher%,$ifgreater($strstr(%publisher%,xp),0,xp , ), )
$if(%publisher%,$ifgreater($strstr(%publisher%,evenement),0,▲ , ), )


4/ RATING ( Trying to keep it centered and if rating=5 it display a big star ★ instead of five ●)

$if(%rating%,$ifgreater(5,%rating%,$repeat( ,$sub(4,%rating%))$repeat(●,%rating%)$repeat( ,$sub(4,%rating%)), ★ ), )

5/ COMMENT ( Display harmonic and bpm from another software)

$if(%comment%,%comment%$repeat( ,$sub(12,$len(%comment%))), )

6/ FILENAME & COMPOSER ( Minimal here but efficient for the moment i will work on later if I can fix this before)

[ | %composer%]

Could someone help me to understand my mystakes please ? I'm blocked alone
Thanks a lot !

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When formatting titles, there can be no more than 1022 characters in the ATF string. I know from trial and error.
If you enter more, Winamp truncates the string without warning.
This will probably cause a syntax error.

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What's the point with doing a complex informatic language if you can't write more than 1022 characters, ok thank you so much that's what I was missing, I will try to find how to reduce the code at his max. Any ideas are welcome

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