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What means the error message *Could not create DirectSound object* and how do I get rid of it, that's the question!! WinAmp worked perfectly until a few minutes ago - failure maybe either due to running MS MediaPlayer or RealJukeBox. System is W2k, new installation of WinAmp and restart of computer does not help. I appreciate any help. Thank you!
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Hey - I have the same problem - can't create direct sound object. I don't know why it happened. But a few days ago my winamp program wouldn't even run without freezing, I finally got it to stop freezing, but the wave out plug-in won't work (I get: MMSYSTEM032 error, non of the fixes here worked for that). So I decided to try direct sound but I cant find any help on that either. If it's one thing I've learned on this board, it's that patience pays off - DJEgg will probably check in soon and hopefully help us out.
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Hi . . .

This is a soundcard drivers related issue.

Either some other hardware/software is using the soundcard's resources, or the relevant audio codec is either missing or damaged, or has been replaced with an incompatible version.

What filetypes do you experience this error with?
WAV, MP3, WMA, MID, AudioCD, one of these, all of these?

First of all, make sure WMP & RealPlayer/JB are fully closed, including RP Start Center in systray.
For instructions on how to disable Start Center permanently, go here

Have you installed or uninstalled anything just prior to the appearance of this problem?

Normally, the only real way to fix this problem is to reinstall your soundcard drivers, preferably the latest versions, and maybe reinstall DirectX too.
You may have to reinstall the windows multimedia codecs & WMP as well!

Rather than me just repeating everything that's already been said all over again, all the relevant info regarding the "MMSYSTEM032 / MMSYSTEM007 / Could not create DS object" errors (etc) can be found via the links in this thread:
TSGH -> Useful Links

Guaranteed mmsystem032 Fix c/o

If it's not the soundcard drivers, then it could be a number of other things that are causing this. Anything from Norton A-V; to modem or videocard conflicts with the soundcard; to lack of free system resources/memory; to damaged, modified or missing Windows codecs/filters/DLL's/drivers, etc.

I could really do with knowing your full sys specs, especially:
CPU + speed; RAM; Soundcard; Videocard; Windows OS; DirectX version; a list of all apps running concurrently; etc, etc.

Anyway, let me know how ya both get on, and we'll take things from there.

Be sure to check out all those links!


btw, in answer to wborchert's initial question:

You've enabled the DirectSound Output plugin (Prefs -> Output).
This plugin uses DirectX software rendering instead of the soundcard's hardware drivers.

The default output plugin is WaveOut.
Do you receive an MMSYSTEM error when WaveOut is activated?

"Could not create DS object" is the DirectSound equivalent error message and is caused by one of the above reasons.

For details:
Start -> Run -> DXDIAG
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