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MP3 VBR File Lengths (time) in WinAmp

Please, Please, Please do something about the incorrect song lengths in WinAmp's playlist and scroll bar when playing VBR encoded MP3s. The times are always exaggerated, sometimes twice the actual length... though the files play fine. Even 3rd party MPG123 and MAD have the same problem. Coding Technologies, on the other hand, has nailed the problem with their MP3PRO decoder, release 1.02. The problem with their plugin is the CPU Decode Priority doesn't work and music drops out whenever another app is opened! The Nullsoft plugin CPU Priority works flawlessly. VBR encoded files have been around for some time now and its a shame that WinAmp 2.81 remains as one of the FEW players that can't handle the format (displayed time). I realize that Nullsoft is currently focused on WinAmp 3.0 but maybe they could do this one fix for us die-hard Winamp 2 fans???
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Its a problem with the MP3's headers.

Try running VBRFix.
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Winamp reads vbr files perfectly, as long as they aren't corrupt due to missing headers. If these vbr mp3's were encoded using the poor quality Xing Encoder, as used by MusicMatch, RealPukebox, and AudioCatalyst, then that'll be the cause of the problem. Like Sawg says, vbrfix will fix it

Either that or you used the latest FhG Encoder which writes VBRI headers instead of standard VBR headers. Just about every player has problems reading these.

I can't decide which is worst . . . FhG, Xing or Blade
For best results universally, please use LameEnc.
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I've been using the MP3me! FhG plugin that comes standard with Cooledit. EAC lets you to use the same MP3 plugin which makes for a nice ripping and waveform editing solution. I tried the VBRfix as suggested. It fixes the problem in WinAmp but now shows the wrong info in the 'file information' block of Cooledit. Strange how two decoders (Cooledit & WinAmp), both built on FhG, can yield such different results. Hmmm... the lesser of the evils... Well, maybe Audiocoding.com will fix their CPU Priority problem. Thanks for the feedback.
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Correction... I meant CodingTechnologies (Thompson) MP3Pro. I think Audiocoding.com is AAC.
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Look, this isn't Winamp's fault. Syntrillium got the sources to read the VBRI headers but for whatever reason FhG conveniently did not give this to Nullsoft. If you want to blame someone, go and blame FhG.

Almost every other mp3 player also cannot display the proper time length with these VBRI header files. If you had used the LAME encoder, you won't have these problems, because it writes the XING VBR header which all players can handle correctly.
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Thanks again for the input. I didn't know FhG was 'doing their own thing' with the VBR header. I certainly don't want to encode my CD collection only to find out later they won't play (display) correctly on most players and portable devices. Guess its a good time to switch to LAME. :-)
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Huh, I used VBRFix and it ran apparently fine but it didn't make a difference. Just as before, the file (and the VBRFixed file) won't play one note and the time is still 200/300% longer. Any ideas?
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Im using winamp 5.05, and using winamp 5.05 to rip and encode my files as VBR 192 - 320Kbps. A lot of the files then display the wrong time in the playlist editor. No-on else seems to have used winamp to encode their files/. I realise its Lame doing the encoding, but is there anything I can do at encoding time to fix this? I dont want to have to run another program to fix the headers!?
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Use --alt-preset standard (or extreme if you must).

I got some strange results from the 'regular' vbr settings too (see here), but the presets are better anyway.
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