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Strange problem with default WA folder

Strange problem with default WA folder.

I have been helping in the tech. support forums for X number of years. Reluctant to say it, but this time I need help. This is such an unusual issue I was not sure whether to post this in Bug Reports or Tech Support. Please move to the appropriate forum

Strange is putting it lightly. After the release of Winamp 5 final, I installed WA5 to the default directory (C:\Program Files\Winamp\) and experienced several issues...
1. Help page (via the F1 key) generated a 'Page not found' error.
2. Now Playing (media lookups) generated a 'Page not found' error
3. DirectShow decoder did not hold default extensions. However extensions remained intact in Winamp.ini
4. DAE did not work.

No other noticeable issues. No drive access errors and no other error messages. CDDB seems to work fine. Settings/preferences took hold in Winamp.ini & Studio.xnf and were reflected in Winamp when started up. (other that the DirectShow extensions).

In try to make sense of what is going on I have preformed...
1. Virus and spyware scans and nothing showed up.
2. Full uninstall/reinstall of Winamp. Rebooted each time after uninstalling and reinstalling. Reinstalled without the Sonic option and global hotkeys. Did not install any 3rd party plug-ins

I tried a full uninstall/reinstall at least twice, but to no avail the same issue/bugs show up. Now here is the really strange part. If I install to a non-default Winamp folder (C:\Porgram Files\WinampAwesome) the issues go away. Cconfirmed this by testing it twice.

Winamp 5.01 Full
Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 1
DirectX 8.1
Dell Dimension 4550
Video NVIDIA GeForce MX 420
SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio (Analog Devices, Inc.)
Pentium 4 2.0GHz
256MB Ram
StartupList attached

Only recent changes to my system (other than installing Winamp 5) are updates to the sound and display drivers.

Any comments, suggestions, or insite are welcome. Can someone "see" something that I am not?
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JohnnyMac in tech support?

Try running FileMon while loading Winamp and press F1 and see what it is trying to access.

I assume that the startup list is from after the \winampawesome install, because the agent loads from that dir.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I am too busy taking care of other matters at this time, but I will try FileMon later on and report back. Thanks again.
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Well, I tried FileMon with Winamp in its default directory and I did not see anything that would warrant any great concern.

Currently running Winamp in the C:\Porogram Files\WinampAwesome directory without problems. However, if Winamp is installed and runed in the default directory the same issues mentioned in the previous post pop up.

As long as I have a working Winamp I am happy. If I come up with any ideas or discoveries as to what is going on I will update this thread. Thank You
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