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winamp 5 multiple instances

in winamp 5 i have the "allow multiple instances" ticker checked

but when i open up new files when a winamp is already open, it still just opens up in the same winamp. in 2.91 it would open a new winamp for every new file opened. whats the deal
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still nobody answering? that's a real problem
i have the same problem and it's annoying..

ok i found a solution, mp3's are opened by 'Winamp.exe %1', i changed it to 'Winamp.exe /new %1'and now it works just fine.
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thanks for the help but where do you change this? in winamp or in windows ?
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Winamp 5.0a4:
* changed allow multiple instances behavior to be better (always off when playing/enqueuing files)
i remember downloading and trying out one of the early winamp 5 alphas, and then quickly uninstalling it because of this apparent multiple instances bug. little did i know it was new "feature."

apparently, it was one of the first things they changed in one of the first alpha versions of winamp 5. i just don't understand how this is "better" than the traditional 2.xx behavior, not to mention every other program that supports multiple instances. what is the justification behind it?

it doesn't make any sense. you can have multiple instances, but must launch them manually from an .EXE or shortcut. what good is that? opening a file thru external means loads it into the open instance, replacing the current playlist.

this causes data loss. i've lost several playlists which were replaced when opening other files. this also happens when audio cds autoplay - they replace the current playlist. i often have more than one instance running, and when opening a file or playing a cd or whatever, i expect it to open in its own new instance.

i can't think of any circumstances when this is better than the old "multiple instances" method. can anyone dispute this? i think a bug should be filed. at the very least, an option should be added to pick the "old style," perhaps similar to the "oldschool playlist button behavior" option. but really, i just think it should be switched back to how it was in 2.xx.

EDIT - ok, i just thot of a reason they might have done this: because loading winamp with the modern skin takes so freaking long. but i don't use the modern skin, and don't think functionality should be sacrificed because of it.

similar thread:
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