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wrong length for BIG files

This bug is present in all 5.x versions. In version 2.91 these big files lengths were displayed ok. The file on the image is 128kbit CBR mp3 having 603953152 bytes. The length is around 630mins, but Winamp shows 69mins. The length of some of my other bigger files (hundreds of mins) are not displayed when until played even what having set the files to read tags on load/view. After playing them it shows the lenght fine. If I didn't know that 2.91 can display the lenght for the file on image ok I would think there's a prob with the file, but regettably it is some winamp 5.x thing.
Will also post an image of that file loaded into 2.91
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the 2.91 image

here it is :
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Running 5.05? There was a few length bugs fixed in 5.03 and 5.04.

Count with us!
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yes the first pic is taken from 5.05
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Hmm, it's not going to be easy to reproduce unless we have a sample file.
Though I'm not sure where we're going to get a file that big from...

The longest mp3 I've got is Zappa's Joe's Garage (Acts 1-3) @ 115mins, which displays perfectly ok...

Are these files entered into the Winamp library?
Have you tried to remove then reimport them?

Is the filelength always reported inaccurately regardless of settings?

eg. Prefs > Titles > Read metadata when files are LOADED

Prefs > Media Library > Library Options tab > Modify Settings button:
Uncheck: use library info for playlist item formatting

And you're definitely using the default Nullsoft in_mp3 plugin, not some 3rd-party mp3 decoder such as in_mp3pro or in_mad or in_mpg123 ?
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I don't have any additional plug-ins installed, use the default winamp mp3 plugin. I don't have library/agent installed (I never do). I always choose custom installation option and uncheck agent, library and video support.

The behaviour is not dependant on the option for reading metadata. It acts the same for all options.

Btw did some research on big files I have and the longest file that loads ok with the metadata immediately after adding to playlist is 228 mins long (128kb). Than I have 10 files for which winamp doesn't load the metadata when added to playlist, but when I play them the length is loaded and ok. Their lengths in minutes are: 238,288,313,357,380,404,418,422,438,444
The bitrate is 128 for all except the 238 one where it is 192. All CBR.

Than there is that 629 mins file that is on the above posted image. For this file the length is loaded immediately after adding to playlist, but it shows 69:52 instead of 629:06.
Btw when I load this file to 2.91 it shows also 69:52, but when I start playing the file the length is corrected to 629:06.

From this it seems that the breaking point for loading metadata directly when added is somewhere between 228 & 238.
And the breaking point when winamp stops showing the correct length is somewhere between 444 & 629

btw just found a 192CBR file which is 201 mins long and the length is also not loaded immediately when added to playlist, but is displayed ok when played. So it doesn't have to be length-dependent only.

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Hmmm, saw this post and decided to check something. I have a few large mp3 files. One I have is 404,506,695 bytes in size recorded at 128kbit. If I right-click on the file in media library (by the way, the length is blank in Media Library), and look at the file info, the length shows as -8272 seconds. That is (negative)8272 seconds.

If I enqueue the file, the length is blank in the Playlist and the player window a time value of -137:-52. Once I play the file, the time changes to the correct 421:21.

So, the correct seconds value should be 25281

Another file is 284,039,168 bytes in size, 128kbps with a reported length of -15802 (negative)15802 seconds in the file info. Again, times do not show in media library. Once playing, winamp shows the correct 295:52 play time.

Seems to be some signed integer variable somewhere that is not defined large enough.

This is with 5.05 btw.

Mark H.
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Checked my files and this happens for me too. All those files which length doesn't load immediately when added to playlist have some negative value in the file info.

Only the biggest one (629mins) shows +4192 seconds which is 69:52 what winamp incorrectly shows when the file is added and it remains even after the file is played. If someone thinks it would help if I wrote here the negative values for the other big files I can write it here later.
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