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Upgraded to new Winamp, but cannot fix a problem with Media Library

Well, it's not really a problem, but it's annoying as it is taking unused space on my screen.

I tried to fix it myself, but couldnt find a way to hide or resize it. Then I did some research but after 30 mins in Google I still didn't find a fix, but I found this board with some things related to media canter, not addressing this issue directly though. So here I am...

The problem is that there is a large area of unused space in the media center, which I cannot hide. Here's the visual:

How do I remove that unused area in the right of media player ? It's taking up some valuable space and it appears to serve no purpose to me, maybe some feature I have disabled.

Help anyone?
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Old 13th March 2006, 15:28   #2
DJ Egg
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Hmm... strange.

Does this happen only in the Local Media root view?
Or does it also occur in all the other views? (Audio, Video, Playlists, etc)

Do you have any other Media Library plugins installed other than the 4 default ones?
Winamp\Plugins dir:
ml_online.dll (online services)
ml_pmp.dll (portables)
ml_wire.dll (shoutcast wire)
ml_xpdxs.dll (predixis musicmagic)

A my_plugin_list.txt file will reveal this or not?
See here for futher instructions/info (par. 7)

afaik, it's some ml plugin which causes this problem....

With Winamp closed, you could try editing gen_ml.ini (Winamp\Plugins folder)

Delete the values for these entries to reset them back to the defaults:


If the problem only occurs with the Local Media root view, then you can delete the file default.vmd (Winamp\Plugins\ml folder), which should reset that view to the default column sizes next time you reopen winamp.
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Old 15th March 2006, 19:34   #3
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I had the same problem immediately after installing 5.21. The ML panes were sized to occupy about 50% of the height and width of the overall ML window. Deleting default.vmd and the mw_xxx entries fixed it.
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