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Mark Toner
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Whenever I double click the Winamp icon from my desk top two things happen at the same time:
1) the Winamp player appears.

2) the computer automatically dials up my
internet service provider, AOL, which
interfers with the Winamp player.

Is there some way to prevent the computer from automatically dialing up my internet service provider each time i click on the Winamp icon.
Thank you,
Mark Toner

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Major Dude
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added AOL evilness? I'm not sure. Maybe it's trying to register? Or maybe the last song you played was streaming over the net and it's trying to reconnect? Maybe someone in the tech support forum knows what's going on... check it out
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DJ Egg
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Possible causes & solutions:

1. Goto : Prefs -> Setup
Uncheck the 2 options at the bottom of the list:
"Check for new versions at startup" & "Allow Winamp to report . . ."
You may also have to checkmark "No connection available"

2. If you have the minibrowser open, close it before you exit Winamp.
Next time you open Winamp the MB won't be displayed & therefore won't need to access the net to download the darn pesky AOL ad at the bottom.
You may be able to disable this function by selecting "No internet connection available" in Prefs -> Setup.
If not, you'll need to edit the winampmb.htm file & remove the <img src> code for the ad.

3. For Audio CD's:
Goto: Prefs -> Input -> CD Plug-in -> Configure
Remove checkmark next to "Use CDDB"

4. Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Options -> Connections tab
Checkmark : never dial a connection

It could be one or a combination of any of these.


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