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Slow startup(1 minute!!!) for Winamp 5.32 - solved!!!

Symptom: Winamp will take up to 60 secs to start after clean install
Solution: uninstall ml_pmp

Hi guys, long time Winamp fan but sometime recently winamp would take forever to load up. I know it wasn't my computer cuz I have dual 3.4ghz procs with 2 gig of RAM. reinstalling numerous time. In fact, last time I un-installed and removed every instance of Winamp from my registry.

I did a clean install and the same problem occurred. I had unchecked the Sonic burning option and tried a whole bunch of stuff until I un-installed the ml_pmp plugin..

Now i get a MUCH quicker Winamp response... FInally!!!

Now I can't use winamp for my Ipods and other mp3 players.. Crap!!
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Right, I've actually registered on the forums JUST to post this.

Thanks for your post, I was having the strange behaviour too.

The problem with your solution was, I still wanted to be able to use my Creative Zen V Plus with Winamp.

But I thought of something mp_pmp.dll is actually responcible for the WHOLE of the portable plugin functionality. However it itself loads up 4 other plugins by default:

pmp_ipod.dll (IPOD support)
pmp_njb.dll (Creative NJB support ????)
pmp_p4s.dll (Play 4 Sure, used by a lot of devices including my Zen V Plus)
pmp_usb.dll (For mp3 players that seem to use removal device drive thingys)

So my logic was: If disabling ml_pmp does the trick what about disabling just some of the functionality?

And I've found the answer (well at least for me on v5.33):

Uninstall pmp_njb.dll.

That'll fix your startup woes, and still allow you to use your IPOD and other MP3 devices (but obv nothing which requires the njb support).

Any feedback on this would be appreciated, also it might be worth putting this somewhere easy to find for all those who have similar problems.

Dasugo, you may wish to try this and update your post as needed

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Nice work man.. I will try what u suggested.
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Hola, I have further researched my problem and I have narrowed it down to the amount of drives I have on my computer. I have a built in media card reader and I think the removable drive plugin is taking too long to check those out before opening Winamp.

i uninstalled all the other plugins one by one but only the removable drives plugin increased Winamp's load time.
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