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Installed Winamp, Vista will not boot

Installed Winamp Basic Full 5.33 on Windows Vista. After reboot to complete installation, got the Windows Boot Manager screen with error "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause." The problem file is PxHelp20.sys. Status code 0xc0000098. Info: "Windows failed to load because a critical system driver is missing, or corrupt."

I have tried to repair using the Windows disk, which will not work. I cannot boot into safe mode, I cannot run a system restore, and I cannot even see a Windows directory using command prompt to browse for this file. The only option left is a complete Windows reinstall (no thanks).

I am running Windows Vista 32 bit on an AMD Dual Core 4800. Please help.
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Update: when I go into command prompt, apparently my C & D drives have swapped so windows is on my D drive. I haven't done anything today other than install Winamp. Is there anything in the Winamp install that would cause this behavior? I've never seen anything like it and I don't know how to change it back.
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Physically take out your hard drives, and plug them back in. But make sure you switch them around on the cables when doing that.

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PxHelp20.sys is the main Sonic Burning Engine driver.
I doubt if Sonic is compatible with Windows Vista, and "Sonic Ripping/Burning Support" should probably be unchecked by default in the Installer Options, or not included at all, at least until Sonic provide us with a Vista-compatible version.
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Thanks for the replies. My partitions got swapped after the Winamp install, so swapping cables won't help. I ended up buying a new hard drive and installing Vista fresh. What a nightmare. I was trying to install Winamp because I read about the Winamp plugin to manage ipods--(Anapod just trashed my ipod, so I'm looking for an alternative). I guess I will have to live without my ipod until someone can make a Vista-compatible ipod manager. I'll keep my eye on Winamp but I'm really afraid to try to install it again right now.
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