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Loren Leah
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5.5 displaying wrong album art?

On some of my MP3s that do not have any embedded cover art in their tags -- it appears to happen almost randomly -- Winamp will display different incorrect cover art, which in fact I have no idea where the program is getting it from because it's a picture I've never seen before... (and no, it's not the default Winamp llama.) I checked to make sure it wasn't loading an %album%.jpg or other image file from the folder the MP3s are in, but there is only one image file in that folder and it's an entirely different picture. I can only guess that Winamp might be loading embedded album art that I didn't know was there from a different MP3...?
Edit: I found an MP3 in the same folder that does indeed have this mysterious image embedded as cover art. So that's where it came from, I guess.

In a separate problem -- I'm not sure if it's related or not -- I have a folder full of MP3s by a single artist in which only one of the several albums happens to have embedded cover art in its tags right now. (I haven't gotten around to tracking down art for the other albums yet.) There are no separate image files in this folder at all, but when Winamp loads tracks from albums other than the one with the embedded art, the other MP3s will display that embedded cover art even though it's not in their tags -- i.e. the album display window should actually be blank.

Is there some way I can fix either of these or is it more of a developer-side issue...?
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I too am having this exact problem. I found a thread with someone who was experiencing similar issues, but their fix won't work for me, as all of my album art is embedded (I have no 'cover.jpg' files).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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DJ Egg
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Winamp does NOT load embedded art from a different file.
It will only load embedded art from the actual file at hand.

The lookup order criteria/precedence is as follows:

1. Embedded art in the tags of the files

2. %album%.jpg/png/gif/bmp in the containing folder (where %album% is the exact name of the Album)

3. An .nfo file with the exact same filename as an image file in the containing folder

4. cover.jpg/png/gif/bmp

5. folder.jpg/png/gif/bmp

6. front.jpg/png/gif/bmp

And that is all.

Therefore, for Winamp to show any art, either in the Artwork tab of File Info (Alt+3), or in the Bento MCV area, or in a ML art view, then one of those conditions MUST exist.

At a guess, maybe you've got Windows configured to hide hidden files & folders (in Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab), and there's a hidden folder.jpg file in the containing folders (WMP10/11 is notorious for doing this).

Hmm, that doesn't sound like the exact same problem to me... similar maybe, but not the same.

What file formats are these files?

MP3, M4A, WMA, other?

What program/editor was used to embed the art?

Have you (both) installed the in_mp3 update patch yet? (see "Winamp 5.5 Released - Patch info Inside" sticky thread at the top of this forum).

If the problem persists, please upload a sample file (with embedded art that Winamp isn't seeing) to either your own webspace, or any of stashbox.org, sendspace.com or mediafire.com, and either post the download link here, or PM it to me.
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Sorry, I'll be more specific about my problem.

First: I am using Winamp 5.5 with the in_mp3 patch installed, and I have Windows set to display hidden files and folders. The only extra plugins I have are visualizations, and this problem predates their installation.

Most of my music is stored without any hierarchy in my "My Music" folder. There are a few albums in subdirectories. There are no .nfo files or image files of any format in "My Music" or any of its subdirectories. (There were a few at one point, but they've all been deleted, and none of them have appeared as album art since.)

Some of my files have album art embedded in them, some do not. The files that do not have embedded album art that reside in "My Music" (but not any of its subdirectories) display album art from one of the other files in My Music. (I don't believe it ever displays art from a track in one of the subdirectories, but I'm not certain of that.) The album art displayed for these tracks changes every few days or so, and I haven't figured out any pattern to it. This seems to happen regardless of file format. Most of my files are mp3s, but I have some wma, m4a, and ogg files, and they're affected as well. Most of my album art was embedded using Mp3tag, but I've used a couple of other tools in the past (the only one I can recall is MediaMonkey).

The files with no embedded album art are currently showing the cover from The Who's "My Generation" compilation. As far as I can tell, this art is only actually embedded in a single file.

Here's a file that has no embedded art:

Here's the file that has the art that is showing up on other files:

Just to reiterate: this only affects files in "My Music", not subdirectories (they show the llama, as they should), and it only affects files that have no embedded album art.
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DJ Egg
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Hmmm... weird. As far as I know, that shouldn't even be possible.
Not to mention that the Alanis Morisette track doesn't even have an Album specified in the tags, which means it shouldn't even be able to display any album art at all.

What's your Windows OS?
What's the path to "My Music"?
If XP or Vista, when you set the root folder that contains the "My Music" folder to thumbnail view (View -> Thumbnails), do you see The Who album image as the thumbnail for the "My Music" folder?

I certainly can't reproduce the problem here.

It still sounds like there's a folder.jpg file in there somewhere.

What version of Windows Media Player is installed?
Maybe WMP11 saves folder.jpg files in the background (if said option is enabled) and gives them hidden & system properties. Therefore you might also have to uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" (in Folder Options) to be able to see them.
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Ha! You were right about WMP11 saving folder.jpg files as hidden system files. As soon as I displayed system files, a whole bunch of folder.jpg files popped up. I deleted them, refreshed my album art, and the problem is gone.

You know, it's MS bullshit like this that got me to start using Winamp in the first place. Thanks so much for your help! This was driving me nuts.
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DJ Egg
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Knew it
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Ha! You were right about WMP11 saving folder.jpg files as hidden system files. As soon as I displayed system files, a whole bunch of folder.jpg files popped up. I deleted them, refreshed my album art, and the problem is gone.

Damn I have been going nuts over this as well...can anyone please tell me how to go about delting these files,I'm not a techie in that sense...

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I'll try to uninstall wmp11 and delete these folder.jpg
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DJ Egg
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You just need to uncheck these options in WMP11/12 -> Organize -> Options:
Library tab: "Retrieve additional information from the internet"
Privacy tab: "Update music files by retrieving media info from the internet"

Then make sure you can view hidden & system files in:
Windows Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View tab

Then delete the WMP folder.jpg files

Then download the correct %album%.jpg files etc etc etc.

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Deleting all Album Art (Windows)

Use at your own risk... Windows systems only.

My O/S: Windows 7 x 64Bit. BUT this technique will also work on Vista, XP & Win7 32 or 64...

FIRST, Follow the instructions elsewhere in this thread to View Hidden/System files/folders.

SECOND: Bring up your Music Folder and its contents in the Windows Explorer Window and, then Click once in the Explorer address bar.

MAKE SURE you copy your Music Files location (e.g. c:\users\username\music\) to the Clipboard with either CTRL-C or Right-Click "Copy"....

THEN Bring up a DOS prompt/Command Shell/Black Box by going:

1) Start
2) All Programs
3) Accessories and,
4) Right Click "Command Prompt" and,
5) Run as Administrator

OR, If you can't get to the above then:

a) Hold down your "Windows KEY" (left of your Spacebar) and,
b) Tap the letter "R". Let 'em both go.
c) Type "cmd" in the "Run" box/dialog and then,
d) "OK"....

You should now see the "Black Hole/Command Prompt" on your monitor!

6) Type CD\
7) Tap your "Enter" or "Return" Key
8) Type CD followed by a Space and
9) Go to the very top left of your black box..
10) Click the li'l black icon and
11) Edit Paste - as in pic. following:

12) Tap your "Enter" or "Return" key...

Your "Prompt" should now read "C:\>c:\users\yourname\music" - or somesuch...

NOW type:

13) attrib -r -h -s *.jpg /s
14) Tap "Enter" and then...
15) Type this: del *.jpg /s
16) Tap "Enter" and now, to remove the black hole:
17) Type: exit
18) "Enter"

That should have nuked all your .jpg's and will let Winamp reconstruct 'em all from scratch.....


p.s. in step 12 above, if you type:

13b) attrib -h -s -r *.* /s
14b) "Enter"
15b) Type: exit
16b) Tap "Enter"

Then this will remove all of the "read-only" attributes on all your music files and MIGHT get rid of some of those mysterious hangs and freezes that happen from time to time - like when using the "auto-tag" feature and the like!

- Thanks for bothering to read. A rare commodity these days!

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My embedded album art sometimes doesn't show, or just appears as blank. Is there a problem? I used iTunes to embed it.
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I hate to be a thread mooch, but I'm having an issue with album art after a recent OS reformat. After the format, I copied the old ml folder so that I wouldn't loose my all my library data.

Running Vista SP2 and Winamp 5.572, my album art misdisplays all the time. My music is kept in the directory as the first name of the artist, i.e. "F:/MP3's/A/Audioslave - Original Fire.mp3" with the album art named %album%.jpg, which was all added by Winamp prior to the reformat.

Now, I have album art from the wrong album displying. For example, the cover Aerosmith's Night in the Ruts will display for all the other tracks in the A folder that don't have loaded art, like Albert Collins' Best of. When I delete that cover, it will simply be replaced by another upon a restart of Winamp. I have no hidden generically-named files like "cover.jpg" or "folder.jpg".

Any suggestions?
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Bumping this old thread to bring up a similar problem that i'm having...

Despite deleting the hidden folder.jpg, it keeps coming back every time my computer reboots!
I always get the same folder.jpg coming back as if the corresponding track(s) is regenerating it every time. Problem is, i can't identify the album cover, so i don't know what file is doing it.

- I have changed my settings in windows media player11 regarding retrieving internet info...no success
- All my music in in one big folder. I've got7500 tracks comprising 677 artists and 1578 'albums'...i don't want to have to create separate folders for every album just to fix albumart issues (though if anyone knows of software that will create these folders automatically, i'd be interested)
- A lot of my good working album art is in the form %album%.jpg. I also have a lot of hidden files that look like:
I don't fully know how these are used by my computer and/or zune, but i dont believe they are related to the problem

So, Is there any other reason why a file would generate and regenerate its own folder.jpg? And how do i stop it?
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open WMP11 and click Organize > Manage libraries > Music > Remove all library locations.
this will stop WMP11 from regenerating album art.

I suggest using Winrar to view all files on your music folder. Winrar will display everything, even hidden files that Windows explorer won't display. after that, delete all unnecessary album art.
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Thanks Unit731,

Your guidance led me to solve this problem.

Only thing was the exact directions you gave did not apply to my version of WMP (i don't see any 'organize' menu.
What i did was: library tab->add to library->removed each of the monitored folders.
Then i deleted all my files from the WMP library (not the computer!) just to be sure.
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